Some survey suggests that more Facebook accounts are active than the world’s population! That shows the extent of this social networking site . Most people often search for how to Facebook download. The process is simple and is possible on different devices, including PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Read on!

Downloading Facebook 

Modern smartphones come with Facebook as a default application. You can choose to use it or uninstall the same if not needed. But sometimes you need to download the Facebook app to use it. So, we’ve listed all the steps for how to download Facebook on different devices in detail. Have a look:

On a smart phone

First, let’s start with the devices each of us uses. Smartphones come in two different operating systems, Android and iOS. Each version, as we all know, has a different store to download all the apps. So, let’s see how to download and install Facebook on Serviceh platforms.

how to download facebook

Through Google Play Store  

  • Android smartphones get the downloads and app updates from Google Play Store, right? So, let’s see how we can get the Facebook app.
  • Go to the Google Play Store, and log in with your Google account if not signed in.
  • You’ll find a search bar on the homepage of the Google Play Store. Type Facebook there and press the search icon.
  • The window displays the official Facebook app before you. Select it and tap the install option.

Usually, Facebook is a widely downloaded and used application. So, you might find the app on the homepage itself. Use this step if you couldn’t find it.

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Through App Store 

As the name suggests, App Store is the default application for smartphones running on iOS. So, if you are using an iPhone, follow these steps to get the Facebook app.

  • Head to the App Store’s homepage and log in if necessary.
  • You’ll mostly find the Facebook icon on the homepage itself, as mentioned above. If not found, type the same on the search bar.
  • Click on the install button, and the Facebook app gets installed on your device after its download.

One thing here is that we are using a smartphone to download Facebook. So, we don’t have to do anything except for finding the app and tap the install button.

On a tablet or iPad

Now, let’s see how to download Facebook on an Android tablet device or an iPad. The only difference here is the application’s store you head to. Here’s the thing:

  • Head to the App Store for an iPad and Google Play Store for an Android tablet. Log in with the relevant credentials on these stores if needed.
  • Now, search for the Facebook app on the homepage on any tablet by scrolling it over. Type the name on the search bar if not found.
  • Once the target application is found, click on the install button. Wait until your device completes the download and installation of the Facebook app.

You can now use the application on your iPad or an Android tablet by signing up to Facebook or logging in with your user credentials.

On a desktop

A desktop could either be a PC or a laptop running on Linux, Windows or any other OS, or an iMac. One thing you need to do before trying to download Facebook is find the appropriate source. As in, you first need to find the right Store (like App Store and Google Play Store for other devices) to download the app.

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how to download facebook

  • You also need to find the appropriate apk and the app’s running version based on the operating system on your device. Proceed with the following steps for Facebook download after finding these requirements.
  • Go to the Windows Store or the appropriate Store option based on your device’s OS. Log in if necessary.
  • Like I said earlier, you can easily find the Facebook app on the homepage. If not found, you can type Facebook on the search bar and tap the search icon.
  • Pick the desired version of the app. Choose the option Install, Free, or whatever choice your device displays based on the Store.

The prompt window takes you through a series of instructions for getting the Facebook app. Follow them and complete the installation.

During the process, your devices might ask for some permissions like account sync, desktop notifications, and more. You can choose and restrict any permission at your convenience.

Facebook Lite version 

Facebook Inc also provides a Lite version of the original Facebook app. If your device doesn’t have sufficient space for the main app or if you are uncomfortable using the original version, you can install the Facebook Lite version. Here’s how:

  • Head to the Store section on any device and search for Facebook Lite.
  • Check the app’s description to confirm its version and tap the install button.

You can use the Lite Version of Facebook on smartphones and desktops too. The app works the same in Serviceh versions but, this version is a little easy compared to the original one.

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These are the different ways through which you can download and install the Facebook app on your device. Another way of doing it is through the Facebook website . As in, you can directly access the official website of Facebook and find the download links based on the device you use.