Facebook is the best way to interact with people across the globe. Taking advantage of this are the business people who use the platform for promoting their business and grabbing more customers. Among the different tools from Facebook is the marketplace to help improve your business. So, here is how to get marketplace on Facebook and some tips to getting acquainted with it. 

Marketplace from Facebook 

how to get marketplace on Facebook

Heard of digital markets, right? Facebook’s marketplace is exactly the same. It is a digital space where you can trade, buy, or sell various things. You can do the following things when using this tool from Facebook

  • Find and purchase different things. 
  • Search various items based on different filters like locations, categories, etc. 
  • List the items by adding their photographs and all the relevant details 
  • Sort the listed things based on various categories and locations 
  • Fix a bid from the customers for the items sorted 
  • Manage your messaging history and all the transactions 
  • Communicate with people like buyers and sellers, and prepare for the transactions 

The benefits listed above are the significant reason why several people prefer Facebook’s marketplace for running their business. One thing here is that Facebook is not responsible for the transactions happening through this space. As in, the users are solely responsible for everything they put on the marketplace. 

Another significant angle to using the marketspace is understanding the audiences’ pulse. Business people try and analyze their target audience through the shares, comments, and likes on their items. Well, most of you reading these might be tempted to start using the marketplace right away. But, not everyone can. Why? Read on! 

Requirements for getting marketplace 

Facebook Inc. has set some requirements to be met by every user trying to get this tool. So, if you want to know how to get marketplace on Facebook, check if you fulfill the following criteria: 

  • You can access the marketplace from Facebook only if you are aged above 18 years. 
  • Right now, this tool is only available in 50 countries across the globe. So, check the list for your location’s eligibility. 
  • Some device specifications like iPhone 5 and above, etc., are also applicable to access this tool. If you are unable to access this icon, check for your device’s compatibility too. 
  • Marketplace from Facebook is not immediately accessible for newly registered accounts on the platform. 

As said above, these are some necessities for anyone trying to use the marketplace. Sometimes, Facebook might pull your controls off this place. It could be due to the users violating the Standards and Rules set by this social media platform. Well, let’s now see how to get marketplace on Facebook.  

Generally, you access the marketplace from Facebook in three ways listed below. 

Direct Link – Facebook provides a direct URL to access its marketplace tool. You can use it to navigate through this space and use it for your business. 

Shortcut – another way to access the marketplace is through a shortcut icon. Facebook presents shortcuts for frequently-used tools. You can directly tap on the icon named Marketplace on your profile. 

Menu – If you don’t find the shortcut icon, you can use the menu tab to find the marketplace. Tap the menu icon to find the Marketplace option. 

Using the marketplace 

how to get marketplace on Facebook

You can use any of the ways mentioned above to get into the Facebook marketplace. Using this tool is also easy. However, the output quality will depend on using the marketplace effectively. So, here are the basic things for any user through this Facebook tool. 


You can almost sell anything on the marketplace except for restricted items like guns, etc. 

  • Navigate to your marketplace and tap the +Sell Something option. 
  • Press the Items for Sale to add the item’s description and details. 
  • Enter the price, title, location, and all the relevant details in the allotted space. 
  • You can add photos by tapping the +Photos option. 
  • Hit the Post option once you’ve entered everything. 

You can list any item on the marketplace in this way. Anyone near your location can view the item and buy it if interested. 

Renewing the Listings 

Renewing a listing on the marketplace is only applicable to sellers. Several products remain unsold for more than seven days here. After this, you need to renew its listing to avoid its permanent deletion. 

  • Access your marketplace and navigate to the Your Items section. 
  • Tap on the item and go to the Manage option. 
  • The window shows different options relevant to the selected item. Press the Renew in Marketplace option for the item’s renewal. 


Facebook marketplace is almost like different online markets we use to buy things. You’ll find different sellers providing various items here. 

  • Head to the marketplace and navigate to the listings section. 
  • You can find different categories like entertainment, vehicles, hobbies, etc. Tap on the required category. 
  • Browse the options and find the appropriate product. 

Here, you can also find the required item through the search bar. Moreover, you can compare the items from different sellers and pick the best one too. As mentioned above, Facebook is not responsible for the buying and selling of different items in its marketplace. So, you need to find the best seller and track the entire transaction for getting your item properly. 

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