• Why is Facebook important for business?

Facebook’s extremely high outreach, has compelled marketers to start promoting their brands or businesses on the social networking website. This is how you can grow your business on Facebook. Digital marketing is also quite economical as compared to the conventional forms of marketing.  It creates an even better impact at a much lesser cost. Through social media marketing, brands are able to reach out to a large and more diverse audience.

This wouldn’t have been possible through traditional marketing. Facebook has truly grown as a social networking website in the last 20 years. It is currently the most popularly used social media app and going by the numbers it does not look like facebook’s popularity is going down, at least not in the next few years. This article contains all the information about how to get more likes on Facebook.

how to get more likes facebook

Now, some brands/businesses have their own Facebook pages through which they create content featuring their product/services offered but most brands also like to reach out to content creators (also popularly known as “Influencers”) who come up with creative ideas and try to inculcate their products into their content. If you’re a business owner looking to grow your brand then we recommend that you go for Serviceh the above-mentioned techniques i.e., have your own business page on Facebook and try to reach out to relevant content creators on Facebook who’ll actively put in the effort to make sure that your brand catches the eye of many people on the internet.

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But have you ever wondered how brands judge whether or not a content creator is suitable for the promotion of their product? This is done by going through that particular individual’s Facebook page, their followers, their posts, their background, their engagement with their audience, likes, views, etc. These are some of the ways to increase your engagement

So if you’re looking to grow your Facebook page for brands to notice you and ultimately approach you to make content for them you’ll need to dedicate a serious and consistent effort to stand out from other content creators out there. But, don’t worry, we’re here to your rescue.  This article is all about how to increase your engagement and how to get more likes on Facebook. Trust us, it’s not as difficult as it seems. But it’s definitely going to require a whole lot of patience.  (FYI, you can also  buy Facebook likes.)

  • How to get more likes on Facebook and increase engagement on Facebook?

  1. Post relevant and good-quality content consistently.

Content is king. Be consistent in posting and make sure that you’re not just posting for the sake of being consistent. Put in the effort and be relevant in whatever you’re posting. Don’t be extremely promotional. If you’re posting 4 times a week then make sure that at least 2 of those posts are not a paid promotion.  People tend to respond more to nonpromotional content.

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    2. Devise a clever Facebook marketing strategy.

 It’s important to focus on your business goals while coming up with or improving your Facebook strategy.  Your main goal should be to find your target audience, get more such people to discover your page, get more likes and make sure that your audience is actually engaging with you. So for example you’re a fashion content creator, then your targeted audience would most likely be women in the age group 15-35. Also following other content creators with a similar niche as yours can be very helpful. Now make sure, that you engage with your audience as well. Take out time to reply to comments on your posts and answer your DM’s. This way your followers will feel that you’re actually grateful for their presence on your page and that’s how it should be. 

how to get more likes facebook

   3. Make sure to create a great and attractive page.

It’s important to give your Facebook page a properly structured and organized look. You’re much more likely to get more likes when you have a beautiful page and you consistently put up good content. Don’t forget to take full advantage of the “about” section. This will help the brands to get to know you and your background better. All these aspects add to your credibility and make your page worthy of likes. Make sure to choose your profile and cover photos wisely because these are responsible for creating the first impression on anyone who visits your profile.

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   4. Use eye-catchy images and videos, with interesting captions.

Online surveys and research studies have shown that people enjoy or respond more to posts that contain photos/videos rather than just a written post with no photos to support the writing. Even if you don’t have relevant photos, you can always find some free stock photo sites that you can use. Also don’t ever underestimate the power of captions. Make sure they’re to the point and interesting at the same time.

  5. Add some value to your audience’s lives.

Now, this one is very important.  There are a lot of pretty people out there who post aesthetically appealing pictures on their Facebook accounts but are they really adding any value to their followers’  lives. Not really.  On the other hand, a health and wellness content creator who actively shares workout videos and other videos about his meals, protein intake, etc. will have far more engagement because he’s adding value to his followers’ life by putting up informative videos. Brands are more likely to approach such creators.