Social networking sites instantly remind us of Facebook. Several people from all parts of the world share their lives, run their businesses, and do a lot more through this platform. Well, live streaming is one of them. So, here is our guide on how to Livestream on Facebook in multiple ways.

Facebook and Livestreaming 

Facebook is an incredible tool for everyone around the corner. Different tools from this platform, including ad manager, business manager, messenger, etc., help connect with anyone across the globe. They also aid in understanding the target audience through their comments and likes on your posts, sharing the content, etc.

Live streaming on Facebook is an excellent way when you want to share something instantly and see the extent of its reachability. You can stream a game, share some content, interact with your connections, and do a lot more through Facebook live. Here are some interesting things about Facebook live streaming:

  • You can live stream from anywhere and whenever you feel like it, through your Facebook account.
  • There are no time restrictions for going live. So, you can stream for as long as you feel like it.
  • Livestreaming can be possible through any device, including a smartphone, PC, tablet, etc.

A lot more awaits! So, let’s head to the ways/methods for how to Livestream on Facebook below. Generally, it is possible in two different ways – through Facebook Live and through streaming software. Here is How to Livestream on Facebook.

how to livestream Facebook

Facebook Live: 

Going live on Facebook is the easiest way to broadcast anything you want to. Be it a Q & A session, an event, or a funny conversation, Facebook Live helps you live to stream it all. Facebook allows the users to go live on a page, group, or event too. The steps are:

  • Open Facebook and log in with your user credentials if needed.
  • Navigate to the group, event, or page through which the stream is intended.
  • You’ll find the Live option at the bottom of the post composer. Tap it.
  • Now, you can add a description, tag someone, or maybe add a location and feelings too. Type them all in the spaces provided on Facebook’s Live window.
  • Once you finish adding these, press the Start Live Video button on the screen.
  • You’ll find the End button as soon as your broadcast begins. Tap on it whenever you wish to end the streaming session.

You can avoid adding any descriptions or other information before starting the broadcast. However, adding such things can help more people access your streaming based on relevance.

Streaming Software: 

Another way of broadcasting anything on Facebook is through streaming software. You’ll find several options for it on the internet and can choose any software that impresses you the most at your convenience. How to Livestream on Facebook.

Choose any streaming software, and you’ll also need a camera for broadcasting in this way. Once you are ready, this is how to live stream on Facebook:

  • Navigate to Facebook and login if necessary.
  • Head to the Live section and tap Create.
  • Press the Create Live Stream option from the menu. Here, Facebook asks you to choose where your broadcast would appear after its streaming.

You’ll need a stream key to stream through the software. A persistent stream key is a permanent one and the stream key lasts only for the present broadcast.

  • Click on the Use a Persistent Stream Key if that is your choice. Copy the key along with the URL of the server.
  • Now, head to the streaming software and paste the copied information in the allotted place.
  • You can check the preview screen as you begin the broadcast through your encoder.
  • Again, you can enter the title and description for your video here.
  • Press the Go Live Now option once you are ready to stream your content.

Voila! Your video now streams live to your network. Here, you can also schedule an event to broadcast later. Just press the Schedule Live Video Event instead of the Go Live option in the last step.

how to livestream Facebook

Tips for Streaming 

Live broadcasts can seem fascinating at the moment. But they can land you in serious problems at times. So, here are some tips from us to keep your streaming safe and interesting.

Stick to the standards: 

Well, live streaming on Facebook requires every user to abide by the rules set by the platform. As in, you cannot broadcast anything that violates the Livestream Guidelines of Facebook. Ensure that you don’t stream any hateful or illegal content that doesn’t stay within these rules.

Secure the stream keys: 

Moreover, it is best to not share anything related to your stream key if you have one. A stream key can give anyone complete access to your posts. So, there are maximum chances that people can misuse your content on Facebook.

Engage in live interactions: 

Live streaming on Facebook lets the viewers interact with the hosts through comments. Of course, you can restrict them by all means. But such comments can actually help understand your audiences. The hosts can use such reactions in various ways like improving their next broadcasts, finding potential users, coming up with new ideas for the next stream, etc.

Facebook lets you choose the audience for your live streaming if you are doing it through your timeline. Moreover, you can interact with your viewers by responding to their comments or talking about them during the session.

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