Facebook is one of the most well-known social media platforms among people. It has now, advanced to many new features add up to its working style. One of the various available features of Facebook is –Facebook Avatar. As this feature is newly joined the Facebook platform, it lends a space for varied questions in people’s minds about its working, appearance, benefits, and many more, one such question is- how to make a Facebook avatar.

Procedure for how to make a Facebook avatar can be followed as per discussed below-

  1. Start this process by, opening the installed Facebook application.

If the Facebook application is not yet installed then it’s a very simple method to get it installed on your device. It is available on the Google play store and searches for the Facebook application on the search bar, then there appear various options, among which select the Facebook and tap on the install option to get the Facebook application installed on the device.

  1. Now, log in to the registered Facebook account profile.
  2. Here, an individual’s Facebook profile appears on the screen, then click on the hamburger menu (icon displaying three lines) which is present in the corner on the right-hand side.
  3. Now, the drop list from the hamburger menu includes multiple tabs such as settings, privacy, and other options.
  4. Scroll over these multiple options list and select the “See More” option.
  5. Under the See More option list, click on the “Avatar” select option.
  6. Then, the Avatar introduction page will be displayed on the screen where there will be various illustrative avatar appearances on-page along with the next option below the page. Click on this “Next” option to proceed ahead in this process.

Hence, now the process of customization of Facebook avatar begins, which implies the selection of features for the individual’s Facebook avatar character.

how to make a Facebook Avatar

After the completion of the one particular feature selection task for the character, tap icons on the right side to move ahead with the next and new feature in the list to be applied to the avatar character.

Let’s proceed toward the Avatar customization which is one of the most important tasks under the how to make Facebook avatar procedure.

  1. Firstly, appears a skin tone selection option, where any individual can opt for the skin tone for their Facebook avatar from the other various displayed skin tone options.
  2. Then, choose the hairstyle and click the droplet icon for the selection of the color.
  3. Next is the selection of the face shape for the Facebook avatar.
  4. Then, select the complexion feature for the character of the avatar.
  5. Also, there’s an option for the selection of wrinkles on the face of the character the avatar which can reflect the age of the avatar character.
  6. Then, there’s a selection option for eye shape, eye color, and makeover menu.
  7. Next, choose glasses, eyebrows, and nose type appropriate for the avatar character.
  8. And then select the suitable body type along with the outfit for the avatar character.
  9. Concluding, add headwear or earrings required for the character customization of the avatar.
  10. Now, click “Done”.

Here, the procedure for how to make a Facebook avatar gets a finishing thumbs up.

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Selection of pose for avatar-

After the customization process, Facebook then generates the avatar set-up for the character, and next it asks to choose a pose for the prepared avatar character and share it further to the individual’s feed whereas there is an available option to skip it.

how to make a Facebook Avatar

Other various ways to start the procedure for how to make a Facebook avatar-

  1. Whenever there is the introduction of any new feature, there are many promotion posts on the platform launching it, same is with Facebook, wherever there is an avatar post, side by side there is a “Try it” option available and by clicking it any individual can get started with the process of making avatar character for their Facebook profile.
  2. Using the comments section, when an individual is about to type in the text box, there is an icon having a smiley face on it which on clicking displays the “Make your Avatar” option and thus, selecting it, begins the avatar-making procedure for the Facebook profile.
  3. When there’s a post of someone with an avatar sticker tapping on that particular sticker will also turn up the option for any individual to create one for themselves.

Use of avatar character as a sticker-

Finally, to use the prepared avatar character, one can click on the smiley face type icon in the text box and then, proceed to choose the avatar displayed in the sticker section.

In this manner, people can use these Facebook avatar characters and share them among people in many ways such as through comments on posts, setting it up as profile image, and messenger chat windows.

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But some people also ask why aren’t they able to see this new avatar feature on their Facebook page, it is because they might not have updated their Facebook application to the latest version. After installing, the latest Facebook application there is the availability of every new feature launched by the platform.

Concluding, the Facebook avatar feature is fun, and using it is also a very simple method as discussed above. Avatar feature is also a new mode to make Facebook profiles impressive among people. There is always a requirement for new ideas from the side of influencers to make their social media handle profiles impressive to captivate more audience attention, this can be the easy way, by joining more Facebook followers to the profile.

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