In this new era, it is important to stay updated with all the features especially when you are an active member of social media platforms. If you are here to know about how to make a Facebook post shareable then you are at the right place. Facebook is one of the best platforms to connect with a lot of friends and it also allows you to upload pictures, put locations, tag friends, join groups, etc. You can also buy likes that will fetch more attention to your posts.

It has grown into a major central hub on the internet with a lot of ideas and a huge nexus of sharing posts. As the world is developing there is an urgent need to get out of the cozy friend’s group to show the world of your talents. This requires you to know how to make a Facebook post shareable. It is a default setting of Facebook to make your posts visible to your friends and it is done to maintain your privacy as well as security.

Facebook has a lot of users probably millions and many of those users create a lot of fun and informative content. If you also are one of such creators and have created a lot of good posts and now wish to share them then you should make your account public. This is exactly what will help you find the answer to how to make a Facebook post shareable. You can keep the name of the page as you want it to be shared worldwide.

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When you set a post to ‘public’, it implies that the Facebook post is shareable and can be shared by anyone across the world who ever came across your post. The post can be of any type ranging from funny, informative, a video, a photo, or anything that you wish to post.

What Are The Steps To Share Your Post Through A Laptop Or A Browser?

The following steps can help you share your posts on Facebook through the computer or browser-

  •         Start by opening Facebook on the browser and then go to the profile page.
  •         Select the post that you wish to share.
  •         Move towards the three dots that are there on the top right corner of every post. Then click it.
  •         Then a small pop-up menu will come and you can click on the edited post on it.
  •         Now, move the cursor to the audience button which would be 2 figures at the bottom of the post. Now click on it in order for the drop-down menu to appear.
  •         Now edit the settings of the audience to ‘public’ and click on the ‘save’ button.

how to make a facebook post shareable

The same steps are followed while sharing it on mobile or tablets. Now, how to make a Facebook post shareable is no more a ‘how’ for you. It is as simple as posting the content. In fact ads, consultants can really help you fetch a huge audience on the posts that you share.

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How To Make Post Shareable While Posting It?

How to make a Facebook post shareable while posting it is also a very common question related to this topic. This helps the extra effort of making it shareable later. Here is how you can do it:

  •         Start by opening Facebook on a browser or an application.
  •         Now, create a post for your profile
  •         Move to the audience button with the icon of 2 figures and just tap on it.
  •         Change the settings to public.
  •         Now take the cursor to the publish button and tap on it.

how to make facebook post shareable

All these can help you in explaining how to make Facebook posts shareable. This makes the sharing process very easy and can be easily remembered and used

How Can You Make Old Posts Visible To All?

In this case, there are two methods. You can make all your new posts shareable by any person in the world or if you have some old posts that you wish to share then you can also go to the previous posts and make them shareable. How to make Facebook posts shareable if they are old?

First is the easier method. In this method, you need to open the app on Facebook and then select the text box that you will find labeled as ‘ What is on your mind?’ and there will be two drop-down menus below your name ie ‘friends’ and the second one labeled as ‘album’. Now, you have to select the first box and choose ‘public’. Now, just type out the post that you wish to be seen by all and choose the option ‘share’. This post will now be visible to all, apart from them being your friend or not. This implies that the link can be shared with anyone which will help increase your visibility.

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There are a lot of reasons why you should know how to make Facebook posts shareable as it is not just an amazing feature but also a great way to earn a lot of recognition and prestige for the work that you have done as of yet. Social media management can help you with this and can also help you boost your confidence and can help you reach a greater audience and appreciation and eventually can increase your visibility over all your posts.