The experience of being locked out of your account can sometimes pose a real challenge especially if you were so sure you got the password right. It happens to all of us and can be frustrating the duration of time you keep trying to log in. A Facebook Account is an individual’s personalized account purposely to stay connected with friends and family. Having a Facebook account allows individuals to post and upload photos or videos, likewise, receive the same from other people, like, share and add to their friend lists. But How to recover your Facebook account if misfortune strikes?

The process of recovering a lost account may be easy if you remember the credentials used in creating the account. For instance, the email addresses or phone numbers used when creating the account and other relevant information asked during the account creation. It is also worth noting that Facebook as a means of accommodating such occurrences, Facebook makes provision for recovering accounts.

How to Recover Facebook Account?

How to recover Facebook account

In creating your account, Facebook allows first-time account creators to choose a question that would be asked in case the user forgets his or her password and needs to recover the account through other means. The Facebook account creator after choosing the question provides the answer to the question. This is essential because in cases where hackers intend to penetrate the system through the back door because they do not have the correct credentials, they tend to go through the long process of recovering the account and guessing relevant information of the account owner just to hijack the account. Without answering the question right, Facebook can detect hackers.

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How can I recover my account without remembering the logins?

There are several ways to recover your Facebook account even if you do not remember the logins to. Facebook gives its users the luxury to make key security settings that enable users to have access to their accounts once they can remember some of the processes and settings configured.

This article will provide all the ways you need to know about to recover your account using the simplest ways. Nothing complicated. Essentially, it will give four (4)  recovery methods. Apply the methods accordingly to whichever suits your situation.

Check to find out if you’re logged into the account on another device

One of the good things about social media management including Facebook is the feature that enables you to log into the same account with different devices. Hence, before you begin the whole process of recovering your account is to check if you are probably logged in on another device or browser. This device may be an old device you abandoned after getting a new one or a browser you haven’t opened in a long while. 

If you are fortunate enough to find you are logged into Facebook from somewhere else, there is a great chance of recovering your Facebook account back with no stress. All you would be required to do is to reset your password.

  •   Attempt the default recovery method by Facebook 

How to recover Facebook account

If you are already logged out of the account and cannot access it, your best option is to try another method. Facebook has two default options to help you recover your Facebook account

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The first one is to use a friend or family’s account and search for your account profile. Note that using this option would require that you log out from your friend’s Facebook account and if you find this process too hectic, don’t worry, you can try the other available method.

The second option is quite similar to the first. Except, in this case, you don’t have to worry about logging out from your friend or family member’s account. Using your friend or family member’s account, search and open your Facebook profile. Just below your profile picture, you would see three horizontal dots. Click on it to reveal a drop-down menu. From the menu,  select “Find Support of Report Profile”. 

Select from the next menu that appears  I cannot access my account” ,  the appropriate option peculiar to your problem. The next and final step is to click on recover this account and select done! With this, you are through with recovering your lost account. Happy right? 

It however does not end there. After going through this process, the page takes you to reset your password. It is strongly recommended to select a password that is easy to remember but hard to guess. 

To reset your password, you need the contact detail you used in setting up the account to recover it. In case you don’t remember the contact detail you used, we got you sorted with another way out.

  • Confirm your identity with Facebook

When all else fails, your next best option is to contact the support system of Facebook to confirm your identity. Facebook keeps a database of its users and can tell users with their respective accounts only if users use their real names.

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To do this, contact the help center page and upload a photo with an email or phone number associated with your Facebook account. Click send to submit later.

  • Create a new Facebook account

If all else fails, just create a new Facebook account. In doing so, you can learn how to get more Facebook followers and buy Facebook likes or better still, become an influencer and how to recover your Facebook account it allows making new connections and build a new image for yourself. That’s not too hard. Trust me, you’ll get along fine.