Facebook is a social media platform connecting people from different regions through different means of virtual communication. People using Facebook; represent their profile content majorly through their posts updated on their Facebook profile. Thus, there’s also a requirement for a systematic arrangement of profiles for its impression on people, this is the situation where is a call for how to schedule Facebook posts.

Post schedule management can promote the working of the profile in such a manner to update the people associated with the profile, by uploading posts in a timely manner and thus, putting a punctual posts line-up of posts on the profile. These are also used for brand promotion posts and advertisement campaign posts. And to further promote the profile for brand promotion offers, then there is need to level up the number of Facebook followers and captivate audience interaction, with more Facebook likes on the post.

how to schedule Facebook posts

Also, the option to schedule the posts on Facebook is not available for the personal individual Facebook account but is applicable for a business page or organization’s page, or any kind of page published to manage official purposes.

The post can be scheduled to upload at the soonest time of 20 minutes after the composition of the post to 75 days in advance. And also, ensure the use of AM and PM in the time menu as required, very carefully.

This type of systematic and advanced scheduling of posts in Facebook profiles offers many opportunities in the field of digital marketing, also these offers are encouraged more if any Facebook profile holds a rigid and proficient impression on the audience, which can be achieved by increasing Facebook followers or by gaining Facebook likes on the post of the profile.

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For scheduling the posts there is the option available on Serviceh devices that is on desktop, using the browser version, and on mobile phones, using a Facebook application.

Let’s proceed towards how to schedule Facebook posts on the desktop-

  • Firstly, log in to the Facebook account (which manages official purposes, not personal individual Facebook account) through the official Facebook website.
  • On the profile homepage of the Facebook account, search on the menu on the left side, there’s an option, Pages with a side logo icon of an orange flag, click on Pages.
  • Here, the list of pages appears in the left selection panel under the pages header, then click on the page title that the individual user manages.
  • The page gets opened, there on the left panel under the Manage Page header, among different options, select Publishing Tools.
  • Then, the next page appears with the title Published posts containing existing posts. There click on the blue-button icon present in the top-left corner of Create Post.
  • The next task is to compose the post. For typing the text and composing the post using graphics, create in the Write something field area.
  • At the Servicetom right corner of the page, there’s the drop-down-arrow side at the Publish icon, click on the arrow icon button.
  • Here, a menu opens up, click on the Schedule Post option.
  • This leads to the opening of the Schedule Post window, where the option for date and time selection is available, where one can select the date from the Calendar option and choose time from the Clock menu.
  • Now, finally, click on the Save option.
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 Here, the scheduling process for the post on Facebook is completed.

how to schedule Facebook postsHence, the post is scheduled to represent on the news feed of the Page at the selected date and time. Such a scheduling process is also used for scheduling advertisement pages.

But what if there’s a change of plan regarding the schedule of posts on Facebook then there’s a simple procedure to follow to execute new updates on the plans-

Firstly, return to the “publishing tools” page on the left panel menu choose “schedule post” then click the “down arrow” which represents options like publish, reschedule or cancel, here choose an option to make the required changes as per the new plan.

If there is a change in the content of a post that has been scheduled then, to edit, return to the “publishing tools” page on the left panel menu choose “schedule post” then click on the edit button available on the post.

Hence, the post scheduling on Facebook using a desktop is completed.

Here’s the procedure for how to schedule Facebook posts using mobile-

  1. Firstly start the procedure by installing the Facebook Business Suite application on your mobile.
  2. Open the business suite application and sign in to the Facebook account, to open the page managed by the individual.
  3. The application will directly open to the menu that comprises different pages managed by the individual, here then, select the page which requires the post to be scheduled.
  4. Near the title of the page, there’s an icon “publish” on the home page. Tap- publish.
  5. After this, a new window gets opened for the new post creation.
  6. The next task is to compose the post. Composing the post, using graphics, create a post by texting in the Write something field area.
  7. After the post creation, at the top right corner of the page, there’s an option “next”, click it. It will avail a preview of the post along with scheduling options.
  8. Under the header – scheduling options, choose the option “schedule for later”.
  9. The next panel appears with the options, then select, “date and time”. Now, arrange the date and time of the post as per the schedule.
  10. Tap on – the schedule for the final approval of the procedure.
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Now, to check the schedule post, on the “post and story” screen, tap on the drop-down menu present in the upper left corner, and here select the option scheduled.

It will display the post that has been arranged for a directed schedule, if, there is a chance to change in schedule plan of the post then, tap on the three dots which are present at the right schedule post tab. It will display options like-

Edit – for the purpose if there is any required change to the content of the post,

Reschedule post – to again direct a schedule as per the change in the plan,

Publish post – for the purpose if there is a requirement to publish the post immediately,

Delete post – if there is a requirement to delete the content.

Hence, the post-scheduling process on Facebook using mobile is completed.