Tagging is a very special feature of Facebook and is widely used by all from all corners of the huge world. It can help you with a lot of things and can make people being referred to aware and can help you share memories with many. However, this is a feature that many people do not know. The elderly especially, don’t know how to tag someone on Facebook.


What Exactly Is Tagging And How Can We Do It?

A tag is something that is associated with a link and as and when you try to tag someone, a link to their timeline is created and the post that you are tagging the person in may also start showing on the timeline of the person whom you tagged like you may tag a particular photo in order to show the people in the photo or you can also put a status update to show the people you are with and you can do so for a particular location as well. This can help you with a lot of likes and you can additionally buy likes.

This feature has another benefit that anytime you tag a friend in a photo then whoever clicks on the tag would then be addressed and taken to the friend’s timeline whom you tagged in the photo. In fact, your status update can also be seen on their timeline. How to tag someone on Facebook is an easy task and is of great help.

However, you always have the freedom to choose if you want tags in photos and also posts from people who are not your known from appearing on your timeline review. You also have the option to review tags by your friends or anyone else. The name that you have for your page will be seen on the posts that you are tagged in.

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How Can Other Pages And People Be Tagged?

Well, this is a very easy task and you will find your answer on how to tag someone on Facebook here. Well, for starters, in order for you to start tagging people, you have to start writing the names of people you want to tag and then start selecting their profiles from a drop-down menu that will appear as and when you start typing. You should ensure that the first letter of the name that you are putting is capitalized.

Similarly, in order to tag a page, you should start by typing the symbol ‘@’ and continue it with the name of the page that you wish to tag in the post. If you wish to comment on a post, then the process remains the same only that you have to do it in the comment section. This will create a link to the profile of that person and it can also send them a notification in order for them to stay updated with whatever conversation that may be going on.

Facebook is all about connections with different people and you mention and tag them with various content that you find online. this makes you more popular and this way you can make the work of the ad consultant easy. There are a couple of ways in which you can tag your friends and it can be for various reasons and occasions.

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how to tag someone on facebook


How To Tag Someone On Facebook Status Using A Desktop?

  •         You can start typing the status and then hit ‘@’ followed by the name of the person. Then the drop-down menu will have all the friends and pages that you follow and you can easily make a choice from there. The drop-down menu may also have pages that you don’t actually follow or you have not linked but are based on what could fit with what you just typed.
  •         Then just select the friend or page and finish writing the entire status for your audience and friend to see.

Alternatively, you may also choose ‘Tag Friends’:

  •         When you are trying to create a new status, just select the button ‘Tag Friends’.
  •         A field will appear named ‘with’ and here you can type the name of your friend without using any symbol.
  •         Now, the field would be along with the name of your friend, after which you can post the status.

How To Tag Someone On Facebook Using A Mobile App?

·         Very similar to how you do it on a desktop, you have to start typing the status and put the ‘@’ symbol which would be followed by the name of the person. After the drop-down menu appears just select the name.

·         You can now continue with the status and you can also click the icon which is under the status text.

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·         Or you can click the icon that is of a figure and which has a tag near it.

·         Select ‘tag people’ from the menu and this can be done before starting to write the text.

·         Start typing the name and make a choice.  

·         Then post the status and you will be able to see the text with your name and that of your friends.

how to tag someone on facebook

This is very simple and the next time someone asks you how to tag someone on facebook or you want to do it for yourself then you know exactly how and can easily even help others with this amazing feature that facebook provides to all its users as you will become great at social media management.



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