For many, social media is a good way to check in with friends and relive old memories or just find new things to do with friends. It’s also a great way for family members and coworkers far away from each other to keep up-to-date on what may be happening on the internet. There are some negatives though, especially when it comes to the privacy settings of Facebook. Perhaps you may have clicked “accept” one too many times and suddenly realized that all your information was now available to the world, such as your job/education background, relationship status, and embarrassing profile pictures. You can change this though, through the privacy settings of Facebook.

With so many businesses and people trying to get more engagement and turning to socializing online, the chances are high that you’ll run into old friends or even people that you haven’t even met before. With privacy settings though comes the possibility of being able to view other people’s private information as well. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to read along as someone is listing off all the things he’s looking for in a romantic partner, and then you realize that he’s describing you by the way he talks about his ideal girl/boyfriend. You’d probably be a bit shocked or even silently judge him.

how to turn off active status on facebook

This is why privacy settings on Facebook are important. You never know what people might reveal, and these settings can prevent such incidents from happening.

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For starters, you can configure “What other people see in your timeline or news feed” on your page to be hidden. This way, just like a diary, only the people you choose to see can read it. If people are posting things that they shouldn’t have on Facebook, it’s easy to block them out of the feed. The alternative is that they can go ahead and change their privacy settings so that only those they want to see updates from will be able to view the stuff.

To turn off the active status on Facebook first learn how to make a Facebook account.

To create a Facebook account, go to On the top right corner of the page is a little drop-down box where it says “Account” next to it. Click on Account and scroll down until you see Create Account and click that option.

Your Facebook page will now appear. You can download this page in a PDF format to edit and add information to it later:

I recommend changing the privacy settings on this page to “Family” instead of “Friends.” This is because you want people to be able to friend your influencer marketing or business page and have more followers. However, you do not want your personal friends to see your business information, as this could lead to some embarrassing situations.

You can make sure that you’re always in control of your Facebook privacy settings by going to Account -> Privacy Settings. This will be where you can change the type of information available on your profile, what friends can see, and what advertisers can see. You should always double-check any applications that require access to your account and make sure all the information they receive is what you want them to have.

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Information you want to keep private

* Friends Lists: You may want to remove all pages in this list. This is because you do not want your friends to see what type of business you are running.

* Applications: Some applications will require other applications to access your information, so make sure that the application requires access and does not have any sensitive information such as credit card numbers or passwords.

* Personal Information: If you think there are too many personal things on your profile, you can go to Account -> Privacy Settings and remove certain information.

After making changes to your privacy settings, a box will pop up asking if you want to change these settings across all of your devices. Click Yes.

how to turn off active status on facebook

How To Turn Off Active Status On Facebook?

  1. Click on the icon with three lines on the right side of the screen.
  2. Click or go to the Settings.
  3. Click on the Active Status.
  4. Dab Turn on Active Status to make your Active Status on.


The social media giant Facebook recently celebrated its birthday with an incredible milestone of a whopping 1.28 billion monthly active users! With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to go into some behind-the-scenes insights on the company, and what Facebook is doing to keep the momentum going. Always check the application’s source and permissions just to make sure they’re not scams trying to steal your personal information.

Facebook is based in Menlo Park, California. 1.28 million users access Facebook in more than 150 languages. Over 8 million active advertisers on the website. 11,000 employees, 2,000 of those are engineers. About 1.5 trillion liked photos have been uploaded to the site and have an estimated value of $25 billion. And with so many active users, it is important to know How To Turn Off Active Status On Facebook and enhance your social media.

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