Most users on Facebook have numerous connections on their network. Naturally, you might interact with several people through the platform. Also, several users block people for various reasons and want to unblock them later. How to unblock someone on Facebook? Read on!

Unblock on Facebook  

You may have several reasons to block someone from your Facebook account or page. Either you don’t want them to see your content, you have some personal issues, or might want to restrict someone temporarily. Well, what if you want to reconnect with them? Simple! By unblocking them! How to unblock someone on Facebook? Let’s understand.

Whenever you block someone on Facebook, they will no longer see your profile picture, posts, comments, or anything related to your account. Also, blocked people will not know that you block them, and instead, your profile gets disappeared from their search, feed, etc. Blocking someone on Facebook also blocks them from your Facebook messenger.

Moreover, you can also restrict some profiles from messages and calls. In this case, they cannot chat with you through Facebook Chat or the Messenger app. But they can still see your profile and other content. Such users can also post content for you. Well, want to know how to unblock someone on Facebook and reconcile? Go ahead and follow these steps:

Unblock on Facebook account

Like I said earlier, unblocking is possible in two ways. You can unblock the users through your Facebook profile or use the alternative. This way, you are giving the user full access to communicate, like, view, comment, and post on your profile.

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Through the website 

Again, you can unblock someone through the Facebook app or the website. Here’s how to unblock someone on Facebook through the website:

  • Head to the Facebook homepage and log in with your credentials if needed.
  • In your profile window, tap the drop-down arrow and navigate to the Settings and Privacy option.
  • Press the Settings button here. You can see the Blocking option on the left column of the settings window.
  • Hit the Blocked Users option there, to find the list of every user blocked from viewing your content.
  • You can find the Unblock option right next to the profile name of the blocked users. Tap it and press Confirm to unblock a user.

Through the app 

You can also do the same through the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet. Let’s see how:

  • Install the Facebook app from Google Play or App Store if you don’t have the app on your device.
  • Log in with your credentials and head to the settings section.
  • Tap the Blocking option and navigate to the Blocked Users list.
  • You can see all the profiles of the users blocked from viewing your profile. Press the unblock button next to the names to unblock the users.

Remember to send a friend request to the user after you unblocked them. When unblocking them, you are only giving them access to the content posted publicly on your profile. So, you need to add them back to your network for complete access.

how to unblock someone on facebook

Moreover, Facebook doesn’t let you block someone immediately after you unblocked them. So, ensure that you really want to reconnect with certain users and then head to the process.

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Unblock on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an application available in mobile and web versions. So, you again have two ways to unblock. However, remember that unblocking someone through Facebook Messenger is limited to this application itself. As in, you are only letting the users communicate through the messenger app and not your Facebook profile. Here are the steps:

Through the website 

  • Access the Messenger website and log in with your Facebook credentials.
  • Head to the Preferences section by tapping the … icon.
  • Tap the Manage Blocking option. You’ll be redirected to your Facebook Settings page now.
  • From there, select the Blocking — > Blocked Messages.
  • Press the Unblock button next to the profile names to unblock the users from your Facebook Messenger.

The difference here is that we’ll be using the website to unblock the users and not the official website of Facebook.

how to unblock someone on facebook

Through the app 

Install the Facebook Messenger application on the device of your choice. Log in with your Facebook credentials there and follow these steps:

  • Head to the Preferences section by tapping the Profile photo icon on the messenger app.
  • Now, go to the Account Settings option. Your device will now show the Facebook Settings page through its default browser.
  • Navigate to the Blocking section and hit the Block Messages option.
  • Again, you’ll find the list of all the profiles blocked from connecting with your profile.
  • Hit the unblock option next to the profile’s name and confirm the action.

This is how you can unblock someone on Facebook through the messenger app. As mentioned above, if you unblock someone through Facebook Messenger, the action is limited to the messenger application only. So, such users can only communicate with you through chats and calls on this application. You’ll have to unblock them through your Facebook profile for full access. You can choose the messenger option if you wish to give temporary access to a user. If you accidentally blocked someone or changed your mind, you can go ahead with the first method!

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