One enjoys posting on Facebook. Posting consistently is great fun and appealing to people. As posting something on social media is centered on society, people are more concerned about what and how they post. Some posts people may find boring and inappropriate while some they can find more appealing and attractive. How to Unhide a post on Facebook.

At some times one can be very comfortable while posting something and sometimes not and thus they tend to hide the post. This can be a great way to keep your post hidden from some people or everyone. This option won’t let you delete the photo and you can optimize the picture later. One can unhide the picture of the post later as per their choice. For that, it is essential to know How to Unhide a post on Facebook.

how to unhide a post on facebook

Once you hide a post on Facebook due to some reason, then you can unhide the post whenever you want. Unhiding posts can be easier as well as convenient if you want to use a post at some time. This feature can give you a chance to change your older decision. Once you delete a post it can never be restored. But unhiding a post from some people gives you the chance to restore the photo later. Unhiding posts will let your posts be visible to people again. They can like, and comment on your posts easily and whenever they want to. These optimization options by Facebook are great and give you another chance to change or optimize your decision.

Facebook Technique

Facebook provides a quick and easy technique for hiding and unhiding your posts at your convenience. You can also permanently delete posts that will vanish from your account. But hiding a post will temporarily remove the post from your account. One can use this technique to hide a post for some time and then can later unhide it. It is easy to unhide a post on Facebook just with a few taps and clicks. Facebook is an emerging field and you can use many advantages.

One can grow themselves vigorously here with the help of networking and advertising. This platform is a great way to advertise and showcase your skills. You can uplift your content and posts by working hard. This will drive more traffic and a potential audience for your account. This is a great way to promote yourself and gain exposure. How to Unhide a post on Facebook.

One should look up to such advantages and features. It is essential to gain and grab huge profits from Facebook. This platform promotes great benefits for content creators and influencers. They tend to reach heights by simply advertising themselves here. The features which Facebook provides are very great and advantageous. One must use and learn such optimization options.


  • Login to your Facebook account
  • In your cover photo of Facebook, you can see a tab named activity log.
  • On the activity log, click on ‘hidden from timeline’ which you will find on the left side.
  • Then the page will appear which shows all your hidden posts.
  • Click on the post you wish to unhide. Then click the no symbol on that post and allow the post to display on the timeline.

These were the few essential and easy steps to follow to display your post on the timeline.

Unhiding posts can be a great way to use your previous posts for getting more views or for driving more traffic. Many companies may relaunch previous products, that’s why may unhide the previous posts. There can be innumerable reasons to unhide posts on Facebook. One should make use of this essential feature to gain popularity and recognition. There are many such optimization options available on Facebook to drive potential audiences. Facebook is a huge platform with numerous networking tactics and strategies. They will help you to connect through your posts to your desired audience.

You can see your posts and videos getting viral within a few months if your content is really good and reliable. Many content creators have gained fame and popularity using this technique, one must use all the strategies to stand out from the crowd. Facebook makes use of many methodologies which will search for good customers and audiences for you. How to Unhide a post on Facebook.

Facebook Strategies

The people who are watching similar videos like your genre will be suggested your posts and channel. This can drive them to your account. A person watching similar videos, and photos and liking them will be suggested with your account, your best posts. This will be done by Facebook strategies to drive and target your potential audience. This all processes will take time. For that, it is essential to be consistent and hardworking regarding your genre.

how to unhide a post on facebook

Hiding posts for some period will let you get rid of some posts or videos. Later you can get them back on your timeline, to showcase to your audience your previous work and improvements. Many creators use such tactics to rank high among others. They try to inculcate their audiences in their posts and attractive videos to increase their followers. Facebook is a great platform and the best opportunity to gain huge exposure. One should utilize it for great benefits rather than misusing it.


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