What do the green dots mean on Facebook? The green dot on Facebook also known as the Online Status Indicator is a tiny dot that shows that a Facebook user is active and online. This is equal to what we see in the Facebook chat section where a green dot beside a person’s name indicates their right there at the other end. The online status indicator is a social media management strategy meant to remind users to use the chat panel to increase the chance for users to spend more time and build their Facebook likes


As a result, Facebook’s prominent positioning of the online status indicator is almost certainly an attempt to enhance the number of chats and messages delivered. When a user clicks through to a friend’s profile from a photo or news feed update, they’ll be asked if they may communicate with that person right now. The green icon then acts as an invitation to chat in this fashion. It’s a win-win affair.

what do the green dots mean on facebook

The  Green dot feature was initially only available on the chat panel to indicate friends were actively online to have a chat with. Today, Facebook has moved this feature to show on the profiles and pages of its users. For this reason, once you visit a Facebook profile and the green dot shows a little at the Servicetom right side of the user’s profile image, that means the person is currently browsing through the platform. Once the user is inactive, the green dot is also no longer seen on the Servicetom right side of the profile picture. Cool right?

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What is the difference between the green dot on Facebook and messenger? 

So, you might be wondering, what do they mean by green dots on Facebook and Messenger? Recently, Facebook has separated its chatting app from it although they are still linked in a way. What I mean by saying linked is that from the Facebook app, once you have the messenger app, you can easily access your chats in messenger because Facebook has a messenger icon where we see notifications of our messages. Clicking on the messenger icon leads you to the messenger app. 

Although the green dots on the Facebook app and messenger all mean availability, it doesn’t necessarily mean the user is presently online on Serviceh.

The difference however between the two is that the green dot on messenger implies the user is presently online. Seeing the green dot on messenger can also mean the person is a person is browsing actively on the Facebook app but it does not necessarily mean the person is looking directly on the Facebook messenger.

What do the green dots mean on the Facebook app?

You may notice a green dot next to a person’s profile photo when reading through your Facebook newsfeed and clicking on their profile. In this case, what do the green dots mean on Facebook? This simply shows that the user is now online on Facebook, as stated above.

Thus, if you want to know if someone is online on Facebook, go to their profile page and look for a green dot next to their profile photo.

What does this mean then?

This means that when you text someone on messenger and the person does not immediately reply although the green dot may be visible, the person may not be on the messenger app but rather scrolling through the Facebook app. Once a person logs into the Facebook app, it automatically shows on messenger the status of the person online.

What is the duration of the green dot on Facebook chat?

The green dot will remain as long as you are engaged on Facebook and using the app.

what do the green dots mean on facebook

However, it will become gray once you have signed out of Facebook and ensured that the gadget is not functioning in the background. What the green dot means with time next to it on Messenger is how long the person has been online. If it says 15 minutes, for example, it signifies that the person was last active on Messenger 15 minutes ago.

Pros of the Green Dot feature

  • It tells you when someone is available to chat
  • It tells you how active a person is on Facebook
  • It helps you about when you can reach out to someone and get an immediate response.
  • It indicates your friends and families are around and can be reached out to anytime
  • Just by seeing the green button, people feel close and connected, knowing the other person is just at the other end.

Cons of Using the Green button

  • It serves more like a monitoring tap that tells other people when and when not you’re available.
  • In case the app (either Facebook or Messenger) is still running in the background even after leaving it, people who message may think you’re purposely ignoring them.
  • It becomes a nuisance if you do not want to be disturbed but still receive messages because people can see you’re active.

On your computer, how do you turn off or ‘Active’ status on Facebook?

Do this in 4 simple steps;

  1. Open Facebook Messenger by going to the Facebook website.
  2. At the upper right of the screen, select the settings icon.
  3. Toggle off ‘Active status’ in Preferences.
  4. The online status indicator serves many purposes with many benefits.


There are many ways to grow your Facebook page and stay in contact with other people seeing the green dot is one of the best strategies for social media management. We hope this article has not only informed but also educated you on how,  what do the green dots mean on Facebook,  why it is present and how to use them. We would love to hear from you in the comments sections about further questions you have concerning the green dot on Facebook.


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