Users can connect freely with one another on Facebook, but they can also restrict access to their accounts on a circumstance basis. If another Facebook consumer chooses he or she does not want you to visit his or her profile, upload, or reach them, that user will block you. In the case that someone stops you, you can choose from several options. Therefore, what happens when someone blocks you on Facebook?

A person who blocks you on Facebook appears invisible to you on the app or website – they vanish from view entirely. A blocked Facebook user does not allow you to view their profile, request a friend, send a message, comment, or see what they have posted anywhere on Facebook. 

How to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook?

What happens when someone blocks you on Facebook

You can communicate with individuals on Facebook, enhance engagement, and broaden your audience, but you may also block them from doing so. Know what happens when someone blocks you on Facebook. Among the first things you can try is to browse the user’s profile on Facebook; if you can’t find it, they may have blocked you. Nevertheless, this is not infallible because the user’s privacy settings can be configured in such a way that they cannot be discovered by a quick check. Look at their Facebook friend list if you know a mutual friend. If they don’t appear there, you may have been blocked. You can test this by having someone else log in to a different profile to see if they can locate the person when searching on Facebook. However, they may have deleted their profile. If their profile was disabled, it could have been done either by them or by Facebook following a violation of its terms and conditions. Searching for an old conversation with that person on Facebook Messenger is a foolproof way to determine whether you have been blocked or not.

If the user’s photo seems to be the normal Facebook profile photo, and the person’s name is highlighted and you are unable to click on it, they have most likely blocked you. If you consider sending a message to the user, Facebook will notify you that there was an issue. If the person has just disabled their Facebook account, instead of their online handle, it will say a Facebook user in bold.

How to block someone who has blocked you on Facebook?

In most circumstances, blocking someone is as simple as clicking on their profile and selecting “Block.” Though, what happens when someone blocks you on Facebook? You will not be able to see that person’s profile if they have blocked you. That means they can continue to visit your profile even though they are “invisible” to you. So, in a sense, this guidance should assist you in “paying it forward.” By clicking on the “hamburger” menu in the top right-hand corner, you may access the “Settings” menu. After you’ve accessed your “Settings” menu, go to the bottom and select “Settings & Privacy.” Following that, a new menu will appear. Once this new menu displays, select “Settings” from the drop-down menu just above “Privacy Shortcuts.” You’ll need to scroll down to the Privacy area and select the “Blocking” option at this point. 

The following phrase will appear at the top of your app once you’ve reached the “Blocking” tab on Facebook: Blocking someone will prevent them from viewing anything you post on your profile. This excludes any apps, games, or groups in which you both engage.

What happens when someone blocks you on Facebook


How to block someone on Facebook via desktop?

Facebook enables you to engage with people, boost engagement, and diversify your network, but you may also prevent them from doing so. Blocking someone on Facebook is a technique to keep yourself safe from vile people, spam, or people you don’t want to connect with. However, one should be aware of what happens when someone blocks you on Facebook.  Blocking someone who is using Facebook is simple via Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop.

In a web browser, go to Facebook dot com. The Account icon should be selected (down arrow). Select Privacy and Settings. Make a selection of options. Select Blocking from the left menu pane. Add the name of the person or page you wish to block in the Block Users box, then select Block. Choose the person or page you wish to block from the Block People list, then select Block. The consequences of blocking someone are explained in a confirmation box. Select Block [name] to continue. The individual has been blocked on Facebook, and their profile has been added to your Block people list. 

How to block someone on the Facebook app?

Browse to the person’s profile that you want to block. Below and to the right of the person’s name, tap More (three dots). The Block option should be selected. Block once more in the confirmation pop-up. Following all the instructions, you have successfully blocked the person on Facebook.

People block folks on Facebook for a variety of reasons. Though, as a consequence, what happens when someone blocks you on Facebook should be kept in mind. It basically makes them inaccessible to you on the site or app. If you’re concerned about harassment or cyberbullying, blocking someone on Facebook restricts their access to your life. One may choose to block an account to prevent future contact if there is a falling out between friends or family members.

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