Facebook and other social media platforms are excellent for keeping in touch with pals. It has, however, become a breeding ground for hate speech, personal attacks, and other forms of harassment. These are frequently introduced into your life through comments. One approach to coping with them is to hide comments on Facebook to stow away unpleasant material is one approach to cope with them. But What happens when you hide a comment on Facebook?

What Is the Best Way to Hide Comments on Facebook?

What happens when you hide a comment on Facebook

Despite the fact that Facebook has billions of users, we assume that a significant number of people have yet to hide comments on their accounts. What happens when you hide a comment on Facebook. When updating your account, you will see someone else’s comment. 

Go through the three-dot menu next to the comment and click “Hide comment.” Get more exposure for your Facebook profile.

The text in the comment should fade or be greyed out. You’ll notice an Unhide button below it that you can utilize if you change your mind later.

The same procedures apply to smartphone apps. When you press and hold the comment, a pop-up window with the Hide comment option.

What does it mean to “hide” a comment on Facebook?

Remember that even if you hide a comment, the author and their Facebook friends can still view it and respond in sub-comments.

Keep in mind that hiding Facebook comments prevent you from receiving updates about this specific hidden comment thread.

You won’t be able to read the comment if someone who can still see it decides to fight for you and defend your brand.

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Sub-comments giving advice and suggestions for your brand, as well as those mocking the author of the primary comment, will not be visible.

Users who have been banned will no longer be able to comment on any of your posts. 

This is an excellent approach for individuals who are irrational and seem to relish writing bad comments at every opportunity, as well as users who publish spam or inappropriate stuff on your posts.

The Pros and Cons of Hiding a Comment on Facebook


The benefits of removing bad comments from your Facebook page are obvious. In an ideal world, you’d preserve your company’s reputation by removing any unfavorable comments from your posts.

If you leave a lot of spam in comments on every article and don’t conceal or delete it, it might truly affect your Page.

Someone turning your post into a hotbed of debate that has nothing to do with the original status is the last thing you want.

All of this can be avoided if you act quickly.


However, you should think about the drawbacks of hiding comments on Facebook. (Especially when you conceal comments that are not vulgar or offensive and just criticize your company; if people notice—and many wills—a perceived loss of transparency can result.)

People may lose faith in you as a result of your lack of transparency on social media, resulting in a loss of customer loyalty.

When people find that you’ve removed their remark after they’ve already been annoyed and tried to complain about a product or customer service, they can get angry—really angry.

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It’s possible that deleting their comments won’t help you much. They may leave you a harsh one-star review or express their dissatisfaction in places where you can’t control it, such as on their own pages.   

What Happens When Comments in Tagged Post Are Hiding?

What happens when you hide a comment on Facebook

Let’s imagine you were tagged in a post you didn’t want to be a part of. Then you beg your friend to remove your name or the comment, but he or she refuses since you are irritated, which is even more entertaining/satisfying. Learn how to handle social media management.

You can also choose to conceal comments on updates in which you have been tagged, and the treatment will be the same. Having more Engagement on your Facebook profile can make you an Influencer. Your friends won’t be able to see it, but his/hers will, and if you have any mutual friends, they will as well.

You can either disable tagging or require approval for each tagged post before it displays on your timeline. This is called “Review,” and it’s located at the Servicetom of the screen under Settings > Timeline and Tagging.

What other options do you have? Rather than hiding comments.

Consider how you would feel if you were left out of a conversation with a client. Getting more likes on Facebook will help you to become an Influencer. People expect to be paid attention to and to feel empathy for them. There’s probably no better way to meet that desire than by engaging in discussion.

You can either invite clients to communicate with you privately via private messaging or publicly address their issues via comments.

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The second choice is usually preferable because it allows other users to view it. If you respond in a friendly and more professional manner, you will earn the brand’s confidence and affection.

However, in other cases, it’s preferable to keep the talk out of the public sight. In any case, don’t leave a comment unread for a very long time. 

If you can’t help the client at the same time, simply make a note encouraging them to send you a personal message, assuring them that you’ll contact them soon, or suggest a different way to communicate with them. The more you delay, the more irritated the client will become.