The watch party feature on Facebook is a great way to share video content with people live. It enables Facebook users to watch simultaneously, Facebook videos in a mini space. Because the feeds are synchronized, people in a watch party space can respond and comment in real-time. It is a way of feeling close to your loved ones, especially during a period when we have been advised to stay home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Note that what is a watch party on Facebook can either be done individually or within groups. If you have a group and you want to share something with them, come on, and let’s get started already!

what is a watch party on facebookGuidelines to follow to create a watch party

Creating a watch party on Facebook is very simple and can be done in a few simple steps. To create your watch party;

  • From your timeline, click the “Make Post” option.
  • From the list of options, click “Watch Party”
  • The next step gives you the option to add a video by searching for it.
  • You can also browse through other videos specially tailored for you, recent videos you already watched, Live videos, My videos, and videos you saved.
  • After selecting the video you intend to share and host, do well to add a description to help your audience understand what and why they are watching. Most people skip this as it is optional.
  • If you want other videos to play after selecting a particular one, you can add other videos and queue them to play immediately after the first one ends.
  • After doing all these, you will receive a notification to inform you about the commencing of your watch party. 
  • Once it begins, you can share or add friends from your friend list to join and watch.

What to do during Watch parties

It doesn’t end there after you create and start hosting your watch party. Facebook, with its recent new features, allows the host certain freedoms to make changes and do other things while in the watch party to increase likes and grow your social media. Once you start hosting your watch party, you can explore certain features such as;

  • Making a commentary during the watch party. 
  • Clicking on the invite button to welcome other people into the watch party although it has already started.
  • You can also still add other videos to queue them to play next.
  • You can also make comments to engage the audience in the comments sections and other people in the watch party on Facebook can react and reply to it. Doing this helps you grow your Facebook page.
  • You also have the luxury to add videos, emojis, and pictures in the comments section.
  • And finally to end the watch party on Facebook, click the three horizontal dots in the corner and select from the options “End Party”

What next after the watch party?

After hosting your watch party, the videos watched during the party would automatically be saved on your timeline and can be revisited anytime and by anyone. Also, the comments and reactions made during the watch party become visible to the public.

The Importance of watch parties

In dire periods as this where physical contacts are discouraged, watch parties become useful to stay connected with people and do things with them as though you were in the same space. They are important to host Question and Answer (Q&A) sections, live videos where people can have real-time makeup tutorials, and practically any other thing you would to show on a live stream. According to Facebook, thousands of comments have been generated since the inception of watch parties.

Watch parties are great for hangouts with friends and family in cases when you cannot meet with them in person. For instance, watching a virtual event you could not be present at due to proximity. Hence, the feature brings with it the opportunity to bridge the gap between time and space so that you can anywhere at any time and just by having an internet connection and a smart device, you can easily be in touch with other people from afar.

 When did Facebook Launch Watch Parties

This feature by Facebook officially became available in 2018 but prior to that, was announced and tested in 2017.

Who can start a watch party? 

Once you’re an eligible user of Facebook, you can host your watch party on Facebook and invite other people to watch with you. You can do this either on your timeline or within groups. 

what is a watch party on facebook

Confused about what to host at your watch party?

If you are confused and wondering what you should host at your watch party, a few guidelines might help you understand how hosting can be done.

  1. Before hosting a watch party, the first thing you ought to do is to think of your audience. Knowing the kind of audience you want to host is key to finding the right content. If you’re hosting family, you might want to consider hosting something more relaxed yet engaging enough to keep everyone interested.
  2. Get the content you want to share with everyone. Here, based on your audience and their interest, you can decide to have a make-up tutorial, show the latest workout exercises or even show cooking videos.
  3. Communication is very important to keep your audience active. Once in a while, pose questions to them to engage them and have an interactive session to grow your Facebook page.

If you need further help with anything related to what is a watch party on Facebook, or probably need to know how to become an influencer through host watch parties, contact the Facebook Help Centre to get assistance.

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