Facebook came into light as a social networking site. People used to make new friends, share their updates with friends, communicate, and stay connected with their network. However, the terms have now changed, thanks to the ever-evolving technology. Facebook is a lot more than a medium to communicate with friends.

Different people use this platform to make money. While some make money through their posts and influencing content, others run their businesses through it. So, the makers of Facebook introduced Business Manager or Business Suite tool for their users. What is a business manager on Facebook? Have a look:

Facebook Business Manager 

Time and again, Facebook Inc releases several tools to help its users. One among them is the business manager. What is a business manager on Facebook? It is a simple yet powerful tool from Facebook to manage your businesses. You might be aware of the different user accounts on Facebook, right? If not, here’s a gist:

what is business manager on facebook

  • Public Accounts – the content on these accounts can be viewed by anyone.
  • Private Accounts – the content on private accounts is only visible to the people present on the user’s network.
  • Business Accounts – these accounts are managed solely for running businesses.

As mentioned above, people nowadays are using Facebook for running their businesses successfully. So, business handles on Facebook are prevalent at the moment. Here is where the business suite can help. Fascinated to know what is a business manager on Facebook, right? Go ahead and read!

The business manager from Facebook is a tool to integrate and monitor different marketing strategies with external partners and across their businesses. Generally, this tool helps the users connect with their customers, collaborate with other business owners, and a lot more. Using the free version of business manager, you can:

  • Run and manage ad campaigns
  • Take care of your assets like ad accounts, Facebook Pages, etc.
  • Add a partner or an agency to help with your business management

These are some basic areas where the business manager tool from Facebook is effective. Apart from these, you can also enjoy the following benefits from the Facebook business manager:

Separate Work and Personal Life 

It isn’t easy to run a business through personal handles on Facebook. First, the access is limited. Next, it is hard to reach more audiences and promote your brand. Personal handles limit your reach to a certain set of audiences. So, you might miss out on the target audience and end up in losses too.

The business manager is a space where you can effortlessly manage your business space without involving your private profile on Facebook. So, there is no mix-up of personal and business-related content. You also get excellent exposure to a different set of audiences to expand your business.

Different Ad Accounts 

Maintaining the entire business through a single ad account is never a feasible choice. Say you have several clients or own different businesses. Imagine how clumsy it would be when you manage every ad through a single account! A business manager lets you create multiple ad accounts based on the objective or any segregation.

You can use one account per business or client, manage the ads through proper reports, and use different modes of payments to pay for the campaigns. This hassle-free organization helps you understand the progress of every ad and reach an effective solution too.

Access to Pages and Ad Accounts 

Another intriguing benefit from the business manager is the access to ad accounts and pages of other users. You can request your clients to provide access to their ad accounts and business pages. This provides you with a lot of insights into others’ ways of running campaigns. As in, you can analyze how they work and improve your ads if needed. The business manager tool also lets you advertise on these pages. So, you can expand your business and gain a larger set of potential audiences for your products or services.

what is business manager on Facebook

Specific Permissions to Work Together 

One best thing about this tool is the management. This tool allows you to grant role-based permissions to your business assets like Pages, ad accounts, etc. So, anyone using the business manager can restrict access to your crucial assets whenever needed. Moreover, you can also monitor the tasks performed by everyone working to manage your business.

Business-Level Reports and Insights 

You need to understand how a specific ad is working for your business. Running them through your personal profile cannot give you the necessary insights, for that matter. Here, you’ll need business-level reports and information. As in, you need to understand the performance of your campaigns over different accounts. You also need the reports of every asset related to your business. The business manager tool provides all the information on a business level to help deal with everything in a better way.

Using the Business Manager 

Though every business needs this tool, some criteria listed below would gain more. They are:

  • Business with the dedicated marketing team
  • Businesses with multiple assets on Facebook like Pages, etc.
  • Businesses working with vendors

These categories will need the business manager tool from Facebook to expand their businesses and manage everything well. Facebook introduced several security features for this tool to keep everyone’s business secure. So, you can secure business, thanks to the Facebook business manager!

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