Facebook poke is a feature of Facebook where the users send a notification virtually to their friends. This is the purpose of a poke. Well! Now that you have asked what is poke on Facebook, here is everything that you need to know about it. If you are still thinking about what is poke on Facebook, then you probably should know that it was a really famous feature of Facebook for a very long time.


These were usually used by people to nudge either their friends or family. Suppose any one of your friends who is not on Facebook, you can poke them. As you poke them, they receive a notification from Facebook via email. It can help you with more friends and can increase your engagement as well.

what is poke on facebook

What Do You Mean By Poke?

So, a poke is very similar to like, just that it is done with much more ambiguous reasons. As per the dictionary, a poke is something that permits the users to say ‘hello’ to show and portray interest in some name that you found online without undergoing any tedious process of framing sentences. This means in simple terms that someone is just trying to seek your attention and also flood your notification section for enjoyment or potentially to find a reason to flirt with you.

The facebook FAQ page answered what is poke on Facebook, saying that they created the poke thinking that it would be cool to develop a feature that has no specific feature. They said that they left the interpretation of poke to people, who had different meanings and that they always encouraged such different interpretations. You have the capacity to interpret it as sweet or unnecessary. At times it is nice to have such wordless rants and interaction void to maintain the spark and subtlety. Pokes have the capacity to increase engagement and can help you better with social media management.

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How Can You Poke Anyone On Facebook?

  • Start by choosing the person whom you want to poke. It can be anyone with whom you are friends on Facebook.
  • Then you are required to go to the poke page: facebook.com/pokes
  • You will see a list of suggestions of people whom you can poke and you can poke anyone from your friends as well.
  • You will find a poke button there and by clicking on that button, you will be able to click that button.
  • Once you poke someone then that will show up in the notification of the person you just poked.

What Is Called a Poke War?

Now that you are clear with what is poke on Facebook, it is time that you know what you can do with it. A poke war is similar to what you can interpret ie a constant and simultaneous exchange of pokes between two people. These wars as such do not serve any specific purpose and they usually end when a person gives up on the war and does not poke back. There is no end game to these wars and it can go for as long as you want.

How To Reject A Poke By Someone?

If someone sends you a poke and you want to avoid poke wars by not wanting to poke back then you have the option to just ignore the poke. Facebook also has the option to delete such unwanted pokes from a person with whom you don’t want it. You just have to click on the gray ‘X’ so you won’t see the notification. If the notification is something that you want to avoid and does not want from that person then you can always block the person. Therefore, what is poke on Facebook was the right question to ask as it may be interesting and safe.

It is not allowed on Facebook to allow users to send multiple pokes to a person whom they have tried to poke before until the person pokes back or replies. This implies that the chances of you getting harassed by some user are very less or getting spammed by a person.

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What Is Poke On Facebook In 2022?

It can have various interpretations to date. These have had a different craze and were very popular, especially among teens.

At the end of the day, what is poke on Facebook can be answered in the sense that it is something about interaction. It opens the door for further human interaction. If you have many close friends then it can be nostalgic and exciting that you guys have been friends for more than 10 years on this social media platform. This increases engagement and even an ads consultant can help with you that as it directs people to your page.

what is poke on facebook1 What Is Poke On Facebook In 2022?

How To Poke Someone On Android?

You are required to open the Facebook application and you will be able to find a search button at the top. You can search anything here and for pokes, you will have to search pokes. After you search poke, click on the search button. Then you will find pokes that would be Facebook shortcuts, tap on them. Tap on the pokes results in order to find out who poked you and whom you can poke back. Going to the poke page will give you suggestions and results of people you have poked before.

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You will get the option to poke back under the poke banner. If you find anyone in your suggestions to whom you might be attracted then you can click on the poke button.


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