Code generator on Facebook is an incorporated characteristic usually found in Android Facebook apps. It provides you with a different security code every time you log in or open your Facebook account. The code is different for each Facebook ID and each will get it, all the time they log in to their account. This feature is built so that your account could be safe and secure from various hackers. Facebook code generators are necessary to ensure people’s privacy. This security code of Facebook prohibits users to get access to their accountants using new devices without a unique code. Many of the times you tend to install Facebook apps again on another device or gadget. In such situations, it becomes necessary to know the unique code. For that, it is necessary to know where is the code generator on Facebook.

Many people tend to buy new mobile phones or any other gadget. Then using Facebook on that gadget becomes mandatory for them. So for that, it is essential to log in to Facebook. While logging in, unique code plays an important role. If you fail to give your uniqueness you won’t be able to access your account. That’s why the unique code is very essential. For new code, you must visit your Facebook account and you will be able to get the code easily on your account itself.

where is the code generator on facebook

To understand and find where is the code generator on Facebook, you must follow the essential steps:

  • First, turn on your Android phone.
  • Install the Facebook app if already installed then open the Facebook app.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account, provide your phone number or email along with your password and then log in.
  • Once the feed page opens up, you must go to the more button option, which you will find at the top right corner.
  • On that page, select the option having a lock symbol which you will get in the settings section.
  • There you need to type the 6 digits’ unique code from the generator. To login into your FB account from the new device, it is essential to use the code.
  • Then if you are using a new device you have to use the above code which you generated from your older device.
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These were the few mandatory and easiest steps to follow to locate your code generator.

Code generators are necessary to ensure all people’s security and privacy. Many people can use your account by simply putting in your username and password and then it can be easier for them to use your account. In such ways, many people have hacked several accounts in this world. That is why to make Facebook more secure and safe, this system has been started to relieve people from security issues.

The code generator is an easy way to use two-factor authentication codes without a phone number to secure your account. This tool will be very efficient for you when you are using some other device to log in to your account. It is available for iOS as well as Android mobile apps. Many people complain about losing access to Facebook accounts, this can be something to worry about. Unfortunately, such people cannot get any help because they fail to set up safety options and many hackers can use their accounts for destructive purposes. At that time Facebook itself can help you recover your account. To avoid such situations, it becomes necessary to have something as a security option for you and so is the code generator. It works miraculously and won’t let any other person optimize your account.

where is the code generator on facebook


Facebook is a great way to grow yourself and your business. As a Facebook influencer, you can earn a lot as well as gain many followers as well as a good kind of recognition. Getting many followers as well as likes on Facebook can be great as well as interesting for you but getting all of these advantages can be quite difficult. One has to struggle at the start and be consistent concerning their work. Slowly one can get fame, as well as recognition from brands as well as, can promote themselves on Facebook. Promoting your account here is not an easy task, one needs to be consistent as well as the content needs to be very good. Many hackers will look upon your account as an advantage and try to hack your account. In such instances, it becomes very important to keep your account safe from hackers as well as cybercrimes.

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Thus, locating your code generator and using that code can be very beneficial for you. If your account has many followers and many recognitions, then it is very mandatory to keep your account safe from bad hackers. They can use your account for the wrong purposes and it can create problems for you. Your audience may think you are the one operating the account and doing mishaps. This can spoil your reputation as well as your personality. That is why one should trust Facebook, as it has good options for your security and safety. Those options must be used appropriately and one should follow all the guidelines as per the policies of Facebook. Facebook is very corporate for you and will help you throughout your Facebook account journey. You can conveniently carry out various brand awareness programs and your work.