One of the most frustrating things that can happen on Facebook is discovering your account has been disabled.

Before we proceed any further, let’s clear the air. Disabling one’s Facebook account means permanently deleting the account and all its data from Facebook servers. The data is no longer available for search or for displaying on timelines. It cannot be reactivated or retrieved at a later time. Once a person decides to do it, that person has to live with the consequences of his or her decision forever and there would be no one left to ask. Disabling Facebook accounts could also mean that someone reported you for spamming or something else inappropriate.

why is my facebook account disabled

Reasons Why Is My Facebook Account Disabled

  1. You can get your Facebook account disabled by trying to reset your password using the security question.
  2. If you use a fake email address when opening a Facebook account, it goes to the trash bin and gets blocked.
  3. 4 more ways you can get your Facebook account disabled are as follows;
  4. a) If you are not an American citizen, and you try to create a fake id for creating an account on Facebook, it goes to the trash bin.
  5. b) If you are not a local person, you can’t get accepted for adding you to your local people on Facebook.
  6. c) If you are a high-profile individual, and you try to add someone else’s profile as your friend, it goes to the trash bin.
  7. d) If the number of friends added is below 80% of the total number of people, your Facebook account gets disabled.
  8. e) If you are a business, and you try to add someone else’s profile as your friend, it goes to the trash bin.
  9. If you use a fake name amongst your friends.
  10. If a member is banned by the admin of the group then that member’s account will be blocked vehemently by the admin from anywhere in the world.
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How To Get Back Into Your Account

To get back into your account, it all depends on the reason, and these are just a few steps you can follow to regain access.

If you were logged in, but suddenly couldn’t log in, then it may be related to a security change. Facebook periodically makes changes like this which could mean that the only way back into your account is to type in your email and password.

In this situation, you want to be sure that the email address you are typing in is correct because if there is a typo or the account doesn’t belong to you, then it will not be reactivated.

To identify the correct email, you can use your password recovery link and check for an email that is listed there.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to take action quickly because if something happens to your account, you want to get back into it and won’t be able to enhance your social media.

How Do I Restore Access to My Facebook Account?

If you’ve entered the wrong email or something else happened, then you can’t do anything at this point.

However, there are still a few things you can do to regain access. You can log into the Facebook for iOS or Android app and try submitting the reason for your account being disabled on their support page.

You then need to click on the reason first, and if it doesn’t work, then you can click “take us to the reason” and fill out a brief explanation of what happened.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Signing Up For A Facebook Account

Before signing up for a Facebook account, it is important to decide if you will use it for business purposes. If you are looking to begin a business and promote it on Facebook, then I recommend signing up with a business name. You can also change your privacy settings to “Friend” as opposed to “Family” or open up the page so that anonymous people can see your page.

why is my facebook account disabled

If you are using Facebook solely for personal purposes, like family or friends then there is no need to sign up with a business name. In this case, you cannot change the privacy settings. You can still “Friend” your friends’ pages and be seen by their friends as well. Just make sure that you don’t change the privacy settings on your profile so that any friend you’re “Friend” with will have access to your information.

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I do recommend creating a Facebook account under a business name. By doing this, your business profile will be identified to all of your contacts and those on the internet at large. This will help to develop a brand if you are promoting your business. You can then share information with all of your contacts, including those not on Facebook, by posting links, articles, and pictures on your page. Companies like Adfluencer help you to get Facebook likes on your posts.

About Facebook Account: Conclusion

In this post, I have discussed Facebook accounts about social media management strategy. Information on signing up for a Facebook account will be included as well as information on privacy settings and tips for staying safe. This post is intended to be informative and factual.

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