Ever since the advent of social media, things on the professional front have gone through slight modifications. Millennials of this generation do not have to limit themselves to traditional professions when digital marketing has yielded modern professional areas that require modern professional skills. One of the most common professions is influencer marketing leading users to wonder am I an influencer and making many youngsters feel confused about their role in the world of social media.

There are various reasons why people belonging to the modern generation would want to step into the world of influencer marketing and become influences. From getting to endorse high fashion brands to enjoying free trips around the world, the influencer marketing world is nothing short of fun opportunities. However, to know if you are an influencer, you must first understand the meaning of influencer and who is an influencer.

An influencer refers to a person who has the ability to influence a customer’s purchasing decisions and enable them to buy products of the brand you are promoting. In simple words, it means to have an influence over the purchasing decisions of your social media followers and to get them to purchase the products you are promoting.

am i an influencer

Like any other professional world, there are many pros and cons of influencer marketing too. You will go through some loss of privacy and anonymity and because of the huge exposure you will be receiving in social media, you may feel a sense of loss of identity especially if you’ve not been used to this kind of environment before. You will also have to attend various social media events and socialize a lot which means bidding goodbye to your introvert days.

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But on the flip side, you will have many opportunities coming your way. You will get to use the products of the brand you are promoting for free. You may also get free trips to different countries and you don’t have to wait for your birthday to receive free gifts anymore because when you’re a social media influencer, you will be receiving a lot of gifts. If you’ve been feeling confused, about whether am I an influencer or not, here are some things you should know.

Signs You Are A Social Media Influencer

To burst the bubble of confusion you’ve been trapped in about whether you are a social media influencer or not, here are some signs to take note of.

  • You start getting more followers and more engagement. When you are starting out in social media, you may have trouble getting followers but once you start having an influence on the platform, you don’t have to chase followers, they will start chasing you.
  • Once your following count grows, you may receive some offers in your inbox. Brands or other influencers may want to collaborate with you and this is perhaps the most effective sign of determining if you’re a social media influencer.
  • If you’ve been promoting some message on your account or some products on your account and it has impacted the decision of your users, it is a sure sign you’re an influencer.
  • Another way to get rid of the confusion about “am I an influencer” is to check if people are recommending your page to other users or are sharing your content in their accounts. Followers usually share the content of a page that influences them. Hence, be on the lookout for this sign.
  • Looking at your comments is another way to find out if you’re an influencer on social media or not. If your followers have been using various adjectives to describe you or your content such as genius, inspiring, beautiful, and the like, it means that you’ve been influencing them for a while now.
  • If you’ve given your email address in your bio, you might want to step aside for a while and go through your mail. Check if you have received any collaborative offers from brands or other influencers. If so, you can certainly call yourself a social media influencer.
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These are some signs you must look out for to confirm whether you are an influencer or not. The good thing about being an influencer is that even when there are many influencers in the social media platforms already, the opportunities are endless and you will never be deprived of offers. Influencer marketing is a great way to grow your own brand as well and therefore, you need to consider the signs mentioned above and look for them.

am i an influencer

While these are some signs that will help you answer “am I an influencer” or not, you must also keep in mind that the way to success is filled with hurdles and obstacles, and being a social media influencer may certainly appear fun and enjoyable with only benefits coming your way, you will have to put some effort into growing your account and most of all, increasing your influence.

To be a successful influencer, you need to have a good amount of followers on your account. You can buy followers for your account online and expand your reach to more users so that you can become a more successful social media influencer. Therefore, make sure you keep these signs in mind and work towards becoming a better influencer.