Various collabs (short for collaborations) can be used as influencers. Cross promos also play an important role in influencer marketing.

It might be interesting for you not to wait for advertisers to contact you, but to look for other influencers yourself, with whom you might be able to collaborate. Our platform will help you with the appropriate contacts and of course with valuable tips.


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The 6 most important Collabs

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There are typically six main forms of cooperation between influencers and advertisers:

  • Sponsored social media content
    The most common form of collaboration with influencers is the exchange for sponsored social media contributions. An influencer creates and publishes content to promote the company’s products or brand on their social media accounts. To do this, the influencer needs content policies and campaign objectives. Influencer collaborations for sponsored content have become very popular with brands. Instagram seems to be particularly suitable because 59% of micro-influencers report that Instagram is the most effective platform to motivate their followers. But of course other channels are good options and it is always a good idea to use different options. Therefore, it can be useful for different influencers to work together and promote the product on the channel where they are most active and known.
  • Gifting (giving of products)
    Another way to work with an Influencer for a sponsored partnership is to donate product samples to the Influencer. The idea is that the influencers use the products and then of course evaluate and report as positively as possible. Gifting is a great strategy that works for books, clothing, make-up brands and many others. However, this collab may be risky for the advertiser, because since it is only a gift, the influencer is not obliged – unless there is a written agreement to do so – to give a positive review of the product, i.e. he can also report negatively.
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
    In addition to popular social platforms, consumers are turning to blogs as the most trusted online source of information. Brands are therefore turning to influencer bloggers to capitalize on the trust of their audience. There are two types of posts in this category: One is a post about your brand’s products or services. The content focuses on your brand and may also include an exclusive discount code for purchases or a custom promotional gift. The other post is a summary post about products or services in which the advertiser’s product is positively mentioned.
  • Guest Blogging
    Guest blogging is a uniquely effective way to collaborate with influencers to promote a brand. This strategy involves identifying a number of influencers who own blogs or websites with high domain permissions. These bloggers are then asked if they accept guest posts on their website. If this is the case, the advertiser will make posts and then publish them on the appropriate page of the influencer. Of course, links to their own site will then be included. This also produces traffic to the website.
  • Takeover (takeovers)
    Another popular format in which brands work with influencers on Instagram and elsewhere is called takeovers. Instead of creating content themselves, the advertiser hands over the account to the influencer, who virtually takes it over and then creates and publishes the content under the advertiser’s name.
  • Brand Ambassador programs (Brand Ambassador)
    Many brands take collaboration with influencers to the next level by asking their trusted influencers to become brand ambassadors. They use the brand’s products continuously and promote them online continuously. As a brand ambassador, the influencer shares stories about his or her daily experience of using the brand’s products. They could also represent the brand at local events and share promotional gifts with the participants. Brands turn their trusted influencers into “faces of their company” for improved promotions.
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Cross-promotion is a part of cross-marketing. It is a cross-promotional activity that involves a crossed sales promotion. For this purpose, in the case of traditional advertising, two or more companies join forces and carry out a joint promotion. For example, a supplier of camping equipment and an angling shop, a veterinarian and a dog food manufacturer, etc. Typically, this is done for a limited period of time, for example for a very special campaign or promotion. In the end, ideally, all parties involved will benefit.

Cross-promotion in social media through Influencer


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It is obvious that this of course also works well in social media and with the help of experienced influencers. Because every influencer expresses himself skilfully in the language of his preferred channel and can use the corresponding platform perfectly.

It is therefore interesting for an advertiser to use different influencers on different platforms in order to realize a corresponding cooperation and cross promotion. In this way, the reach of the content is clearly increased.

With simple cross promotion methods – such as adding social tabs – the reach of the content will increase because it is easier for users to jump from one social media network to another.

7 Bewährte Praktiken für Cross-Promotion

  1. Use h2 headlines or news to attract the attention of the readers.
  2. Share content on relevant channels.
  3. Optimize content specifically for each network.
  4. Use UTM parameters to track content performance.
  5. Stagger social media posts and don’t do everything at once.
  6. Add social tabs.
  7. Insert clear Call to Action. Good CTAs for social media are, for example:
    – the offer of further information on the topic (blog post or download)
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– the suggestion to register for a free trial of the product

– the request to provide a special social media code (discount code)

– the announcement of a possible win for a certain action (e.g. becoming a follower or sharing a content)

Fruitful cooperation between different influencers

It is obvious that a constructive collaboration between several influencers is a win-win situation where everyone benefits – influencers and advertisers alike. At we help you as an influencer to get in contact with others and to build attractive and above all profitable cooperations!