An influencer is someone who has loyal and is bigger than most of the social media following. There are influencers with as few as 3,000 followers. Influencers get paid by the brands for creating and posting promotion-based content. Read below to know more about  how many followers you need to be an influencer:

How many followers you should have to be an influencer? 

how many followers do you need to be an influencer

There cannot be a very precise answer to this. Influencers can be divided into several categories based on the total count of followers they have. 

  • Nano Influencers: These influencers usually have almost 1,000-5,000 followers. 

Many brands prefer to work with Nano influencers. Nano influencers are the ones who develop content as their side work, but their reliability and originality mean that they have very loyal followers. They are often considered as the girl or guy next door so that people can trust what they say. This means that brands can count on many engagement levels. 

Nano-influencers on social media are not celebrities or star influencers but common people. The kind of people you wouldn’t have heard much about until you show interest in specific products. Their audience is more family and family, as well as other people who they have come across online. These influencers have only 1,000 followers. Though, it might increase to approximately 5,000 in a few cases. 

Despite these low numbers, they can be an ideal influencer for your brand. This is just because they have close interaction with their audience. They can be also useful due to their low status which helps them in getting an ordinary personality that lets the rest of the people relate with them easily. It is a fact that a business can collaborate with various nano-influencers allowing them to make a group of a low number of followers of an influencer. 

  • Micro-influencers: These influencers have almost 3,000 to 100,000 followers

Brands prefer to work with micro-influencers because they occupy a sweet spot in influencer marketing. They offer affordable services, have a good reach, and also provide a high level of engagement as they have a following in a particular niche. 

Micro-influencers are also regular people but they can take the entire concept of influencer marketing to yet another level. They can make effective efforts to develop high-quality content, and this means that they can attract a higher number of followers. 

It is a fact that micro-influencers have almost 100,000 followers though this number is less. These influencers are more focused on a specific niche and they are usually considered authorities in that particular niche. They also have a high level of interaction among followers. 

  • Macro influencers: These influencers have more than 100,000 followers

how many followers do you need to be an influencer

Macro influencers have attained the status of internet celebrities. They have numerous followers. This means that they can’t engage with the followers that much like micro and nano followers do, but these brands can get a higher reach for your promotion-based content that is posted. 

Macro-influencers are the people who are known by the general public and in some cases; they become familiar with whatever goes on across the internet. They also tend to have over 100,000 followers but this can be a higher figure. They don’t go searching for the companies that will make use of them as Instagram influencers. 

  • Mega Influencers: These influencers have more than 1 million followers

While working with mega influencers, brands give acceptance to the fact that there won’t be very high engagement. The followers of mega influencers are a separate group so there is just a small part that will be interested in any brand. However, brands know that the promotional content will have a greater reach so that some people can be prepared to give greater bucks to get this privilege. 

While working with an influencer, brands want to prioritize either quality or quantity. Some brands prefer reaching the biggest number of people that is possible. Others aim at creating a few, top-quality leads which have higher chances of converting to sales. This simply means that until you have a minimum of 3,000 followers, it is possible to locate brands that will be interested in collaborating with you.

There is no answer to how many followers do you need to be an influencerThere is no such number you should have to become an influencer. In no way, it can help you in upgrading your status as an influencer. The number may vary considerably depending on the field you are into, your commitment to the followers, and your expectations. 

You can also claim to be an Instagram influencer when a brand is labeling you as an influencer but, various brands are supposed to have variable expectations from them to call someone an influencer. But, there are a few figures which can help in giving you the type of online presence you should have for calling yourself an ideal influencer. 

That’s all about knowing how many followers you should have to be called an influencer. There are various categories of influencers and it is largely dependent on the number of followers of an influencer. 

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