What do you mean by an influencer contract?

The term influencer contract refers to a written legitimate document that has all the required information about the campaign in between the brand and the influencer.

influencer contract template
The influencer contract template covers everything like the start date of the campaign and how an influencer has to share their information of brand across social media. After sending the first draft, it will undergo a few edits before the last version is validated by both parties.

Usually, brands have a template that is often edited, based on the influencer and type of campaign that will be started. For the brands, it is easy to keep a record of FTC requirements because it moderates influencer marketing processes in the field of advertising. Those rules may differ with time and based on the country in which the campaign is launched, the influencer may have to follow various steps.

What should be included in an influencer contract?

As mentioned earlier, regardless of the size of the campaign you are in, there must be an agreement legitimized by both parties. Here you’ll also find the important elements that should be implemented in your upcoming influencer contract.

1. Content that will be created

This is one of the most essential elements in an influencer contract. As a brand, you must set up objectives and the kind of campaign content to look at on social media. Here you’ll also require mentioning how the audience of your influencers will see your brand.

You just expect from that conversation you have with the information that they will have their way of sharing content and communicating with their followers. So, you m must allow them to have freedom in the process. In this part, you can include:

2. Content Type

This comprises the total number of videos, posts, photos, Instagram stories or appearances on IGTV made by the influencer. You must choose a format that can better adapt to the image of the influencer and campaign. Alongside, the kind of content also has to be kept in mind. Lastly, you must determine the number of content pieces that you’ll share.

3. Aesthetics

Here you need to determine how you want the world to project your brand. Share the mission and value of your brand with influencers making sure that their content is aesthetically similar just in case a reshape is preferred.

4. Hashtags and mentions

Mention if the content has to be shared with any particular mention or hashtag. The hashtag may be a name or campaign theme and mention can be the handle of your brand. This will help you in tracking the outreach and awareness created by each of your posts.

5 Timing

Which is the best time to share the content? Mostly the influencers have a lot of insights that show whenever their content is checked by the audience. If you own an Instagram business account, you can also find more on this information.

If you are unsure, don’t forget to ask the collaborator about all your earlier campaigns as well as the timing of the content being shared. You can also work using the influencer tool to see the number of brand mentions every influencer gets and their metrics to get an idea of ​​the statistics of the influencer .

6. Success metrics

Requirements, guidelines and expectations are the primary metrics of success you can use to measure the success rate of your influencer. As a part of the communication procedure with an influencer, you must fulfill the objectives which are planned to obtain towards the end of the campaign.

This is very useful for all of them so that they understand what you are searching for as a brand and they can introduce all their skills as an influencer so that these requirements are fulfilled. In a campaign related to influencer marketing , the most ordinary objectives for brands may include:

• Promotion of new products

It is one of the best solutions for launching a campaign. You may also need a thrust to feature a new service or product and collaboration with an influencer can be a good idea. influencer contract template.

• Driving traffic

You may have developed a completely new website or you require people for accessing your online shop. Influencers can include the link of the website in their stories and posts so that you can increase the total number of sessions and users. For measuring these results, you can take the help of Google Analytics.

• Reaching New Audiences

You might be willing to promote the product to a younger group of audience or at a new place. Influencer marketing can help you in achieving this goal but it must be clarified that you find the right influencer.

• Brand recognition

This is quite similar to the earlier objective but it is dependent on the channel of which the visibility is to be increased. Since the majority of the campaigns of influencer marketing can be done through Instagram, you can start by receiving better visibility of the brand in opposition to your competitors.

7. Legal documentation

If you are already having a legal team, assure that they review the contract. Especially while working with the top influencers, it is good to be on the safer side. After the contract is done, reviewed by your legal team, you must send it via a secured channel that was used to connect with the influencers.

influencer contract template

This is all you need to know about the influencer contract template. You must design a proper contract being an influencer to ensure more and more brands are willing to work with you.



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