Social media is now a booming place for business. There are so many platforms out there to showcase creativity. Every other person you come across is now an influencer. Hence the need for an influencer management agency has come into being. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; name any social media sites, influencer management agency can connect you to any macro and micro-companies across the globe. You can earn money while sitting at your home, hassle-free and regardless of who you are. There are so many companies online to choose from. You must take your pick wisely!

You log into Instagram and see your favorite celebrity sharing the picture of a sandwich that they had from a certain bistro. You might think it is just another day to say post. But this is just a great example of influencer marketing. While returning home from work you might even think about pooping into the said bistro! This is the power of social media influence.

The Intersection of Brands, Influencers, and Authenticity

  1. Since influencer management agencies that are most successful or effective start by examining the group, they want to target. Rather than just jumping on the social media bandwagons-their campaigns are inherently more authentic.
  2. Brands can use several influencers’ produced content in various parts of their campaign to their air of authenticity.
  3. Influencers who share a genuine passion for the topic they are posting about are the most prosperous. The authenticity attracts a lot of followers and brands take the advantage of the connection.
  4. More reasonable influencers can be better at creating highly relatable, engaging, and ethnic content. In using less experienced influencers the agencies look for creativity, professionalism, and transparency of posts before using them in their campaigns.
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The Different Types of Influencers

The influencers can be categorized into several sections based on the number of followers –

  • Celebrity or Mega— They have 1M to 5M followers. They have a huge reach but are inauthentic in some cases. They can be put into good use when a campaign needs national or international exposure for a new product.
  • Macro–They have 500K to 1M followers. High return on investment but can be expensive. National or large regional campaigns are best handled by them.
  • Mid-tier— 50K to 500K followers. They have a good engagement. But are more costly than micro or nano. They are mostly used when the campaign has funds but needs large niche targeting.
  • Micro-– They have 10K to 50K followers. They belong to niche communities but have a smaller reach. Used when less money is there but a very specific community connection is looked for or authenticity is crucial.
  • Nano— They have 1K to 10K followers. These influencers are the target of agencies as they need more hands-on managing their content and endorsements. Most useful when little to no money is available, or personal follower engagement is critical.

Successful influencer management agencies share some characteristics:

  • Influencer audiences must feel that they are the ones in control. Only then they will pay attention to what the influencer has to say.
  • The product that is being endorsed or marketed must be matched to the correct influencer. They are different categories of influencers as mentioned above. So, it is very important to choose the correct combination.
  • The influencers chosen must be dedicated and connected to the product they are pitching and just as importantly, sold on how they will benefit from working with your agency. 
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The future of Influencer Management agencies

As long as social media continues to gain momentum and popularity, influencers will continue to play an essential role in successful marketing campaigns. According to statistics, 3.48 billion people

around the world use social media, and nearly 1M new users join the social media platform every day. Brands that do not implement influencer marketing leave this massive revenue stream untapped. But those that embrace it, learn to put the power to good use and find themselves upfront.

A Win for both sides

Marketers never come in contact with the influencers directly. They accomplish this through the help of various agencies. Statistics show 36% of brands give influencers free products and samples, 32% pay influencers for their marketing efforts and only 21% give product discounts on big-ticket items.

But in return for such small investments, influencers help companies to be the number one, remain up to date, and have a refined marketing strategy. These combined benefits may be why 90% of marketers say that influencers are the most effective form of marketing in today’s world.

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Products and Services Endorsed by Influencers

Fitness, fashion, and beauty are the most popular categories of products and services pitched by influencers globally. Statistics compiled show that 65% of companies intend to increase their spending on influencer marketing. There are influencers from adventure travel, design, photography, medicine, food, and entrepreneurship as well. For any social medium, advertisers have various ways of

measuring the reach and frequency to understand the performance of a campaign . In traditional media terms, reach is the number of people who have come across and seen an advertisement and frequency is how many times they played it. The influencer management agencies keep track of all these activities for influencers.

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Influencer marketing can be a cost-effective and very modern use of strategic marketing delivery to reach the homes of more customers . Influencer management agencies act as the push which can set the pace of your influencer career.