Influencer mapping refers to the procedure to measure the influence created by the voice of an influencer in the digitalized world. An influencer map can help you in choosing the best influencers for productive engagement.

You need to remember that popularity is not the same as influence. Popularity is the measure of the number of people recognizing the influencer. But, influence is measuring how much of the ideas and decisions of the audience can be changed by the content shared or opinions of an influencer. The former is not helpful for you in getting too many conversions whereas; the latter one is very effective.

You should also know that the brands which make use of influencer marketing can create $5.20 in sales just by spending $1 on influencer marketing. If influencer mapping is done properly, this also may increase. Influencer mapping also gives you a clear picture of the whole impact created by an influencer. It is also used in finding out effective ways of reaching them. It also helps in finding out who talks about your competitors or the brand at the highest.

Alongside, mapping can show you the platforms used by these influencers. And, you can find out the frequency at which they keep talking about you. Mapping can be determined by the size of the audience and rankings. The best thing about this map is that it places the influencers in confrontation with each other and helps you make an easy comparison between them.

What is it used for?

Influencer mapping has some very important uses which are mentioned below as follows:

  1. Helps you in understanding your social network

Influencer mapping enables you in understanding the social network in which you’re present. It also helps to determine those influencers who are the most crucial ones in accomplishing your target group audience. An Influencer marketing campaign can only be successful when the influencer you choose can help you in reaching your targeted audience.

Influencer map allows you to find this out and based on this, you can determine who should be approached for the collaboration and whom you should avoid. By connecting with real influencers in the industry, you can also implement your influencer marketing campaigns in a better way.

  1. Testing influence

Influencer mapping can show you the most remarkable influencers you can choose for your brand. However, if you are willing to make a comparison of the influence created by various influencers, you can use these maps for this purpose. As already mentioned, Influencer mapping can show you all the influencers arranged in a sequence so that you can make a comparison of their influence. You can also create various social campaigns with these influencers and test their influence individually.

Performing this for several campaigns at once in the same group of influencers can help you in figuring out who can influence a larger group audience. By comparing several influencers in the same way, you’ll be able to locate those who are the best form in the business. This is how influencer mapping can help you in optimizing the influencer marketing campaigns you are planning to start.

  1. Locate hidden audience 

Influencer mapping can be used to know the exact groups of people who can be influenced by your influencers. This simply means that you can find out the precise audience of influencers in this process. You could reach out to those influencers who have a similar group audience like yours; there may be a specific group of audience you miss out on. With the help of influencer mapping, you can see the audience of various influencers who have relevance to you.

This can also help you in locating the hidden audiences who might not have shown up before. Doing this can help you in increasing your outreach and create more conversions and leads generating better revenue. However, once influencer mapping is done, you might have a long list of suitable influencers. It can be a difficult task for you to manage your relationship with each one of them.

How can you do influencer mapping in the right way?

For doing influencer mapping in the right way, you must aim at your main goal in the campaign. This must be located in the middle of the influencer map you create. If you don’t have any goal, you’ll not have a proper idea regarding the direction in which your campaign should be taken. Keeping a proper goal allows you to put all the resources in the proper slots.

The goal can be high engagement, great reach, and more sales, or leads. After deciding on your goals, you should start identifying suitable influencers and position them around your goal based on importance. You must consider their importance in making your goal successful. Make use of a thick line for connecting the more important ones.

In influencer mapping, you should keep the influencers who have a good rapport with you near your goal. Also, draw arrows to show the flow of their influence. After adding the influencers, connect all of them with their respective audience. This will help you get a clear picture of who can influence a bigger and ideal group audience.

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