If you are an Instagram user, there are chances that you’ll come across products endorsed by any of your following. You might be having a question about  Instagram influencer salaries and who are influencers on Instagram. 

As labeled by the society, these influencers have developed empire by clicking a handful of half-filtered shots with just one hand whereas marketing the newest tree and using the other. Their credibility can come through a combination of social engagement, which happens when you build an influence that can be rewarded with money, products and popularity

Get paid for the popularity 

When you start to climb the influencer ladder on Instagram, it is quite common that you can get paid high for each post if you have a high count of followers. This logic can stem from another concept that the more viewers’content has, the more amount it can get from the brands. 

More than 10,000 followers 

Instagram influencer salaries

These influencers are mostly termed micro-influencers and have anywhere in between 6,000-10,000 followers. Dissimilar to your famous friend who has got a lot of followers just by uploading cool posts , the owners of these handles are always making attempts to build up their page on a particular niche. 

As per the latest survey, these accounts can earn up to $88.00 for each post. However, the majority of the micro-influencers charge upfront so that they can make a sustainable presence. Assumed as a hobby, this level of followers can help you in opening new doors of upcoming collaborations for your Instagram account, loaded with many attractive benefits in the way. 

More than 100,000 followers 

At this level in the game, brands send out messages directly to the accounts with such a high number of followers such as clockwork, as it asks for the product endorsement as an exchange for the freebies. You must think about the clothing that is labeled as designer, monthly packages which cater to wellness and health or free meal from any restaurant wanting high exposure. 

Sometimes, you may get to earn money occasionally but most of the influencers are not confident to change at this level because it may degrade their increasing rate of success.  

For instance, a foodstagrammer with self-proclamation holds 72,000 followers but gets likes in hundreds on each post, the account waits to get their work monetized until they reach the hitting mark of 100,000 which is acceptable by most people. 

It is kind of an unrevealed rule that the influencers can also expect a payment of almost $10.00 for 1,000 followers they hold after hitting the threshold of 100,000. Charging for the posts before they hit this level may cause a lower payment or settlement before the blooming of the account. 

Influencers who have almost 50,000-80,000 followers can get $200.00 for each post, but the price level keeps changing based on the advertiser. Some of the accounts also deal with various brands for posting promotional codes in their feed and whenever their code is used by a person, they earn a percentage of income on the transaction. 

Other accounts choose various giveaway offers that can increase their follower count surprisingly. Regardless of whether these accounts can maintain their presence on the side and work with enough vigor to transform it into a career option, they have impressive followings. 

More than 1,000,000 followers 

Instagram influencer salaries

The transition from 100,000 followers to a million followers is not at all easy and it can be said that aligns with no particular rules or manual for following about what they should post and the amount that should be charged. Accounts of this kind with 250,000 to 500,000 followers can hit the Instagram influencer jackpot with the probable earnings making an average of $670.00 for each post. It doesn’t need to have a clear picture on the feed that can bring in the earnings in form of cash. 

Such large accounts have different features that are not accessible by the low-tier handles like a verified account and swipe up option on the Instagram story, companies and brands can monetize these features for better campaigns and influencers. When an account attains over a million followers, its charging limit becomes higher. 

Time-based money 

It is much more than only capturing attractive pictures with good aesthetics and brand trashing. Instagram influencers not only require a dedicated following but also require the followers to have high engagement with the content they post. Several mid-level influencers are included in the ground of direct messaging also known as pods, full of 15 different accounts trying to increase its size. 

As stated by the influencer community on Instagram , people who are a part of such groups share their new posts all the time, expecting that all other people should engage with these accounts. There should be a good nunnery of comments along with emoji’s on these posts as that can keep to high engagement. Participation in groups like them can also impact the earnings one can generate through their account.

This was brief information on  Instagram influencer salaries and how it is generated. Though it is variable, there are many factors to be considered. If you keep the rest of the factors consistent, you can get higher earnings for sure. Engagement is one of the prime factors to fulfill if you want to earn more. 

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