As an influencer, you know that your success and your chances of making good money depend on how well known you are. Good things take time, especially in online marketing and influencer marketing. From one day to the next, nobody is suddenly famous and gets thousands of Euros to promote products and brands.

Here you can find out how we at can help you to increase your awareness.

Set expectations

1 us dollar bill 163056 Raise your profile with our help. Book consulting, social media optimization and advertisingThe first important thing here is to remain realistic and proceed methodically. So first think about what is most important to you – becoming famous or earning money. There are huge channels with many subscribers who don’t necessarily earn masses of money, while other channels are completely anonymous, but generate a very good income.

In any case, you shouldn’t quit your job or school and rely on becoming famous and rich overnight as an influencer.

Find a good business model

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In principle, of course, anyone can create a channel in social media, for example on Instagram, and then post funny postings. Under certain circumstances even normal mortals can get some followers and likes. If you want to make a living out of it, or at least build up a serious extra income, then you have to approach things differently. If you look at a good channel of an Influencer, you’ll notice that there are photos and mail published on a specific topic, with really professional pictures. In other words YOU have to find a good niche and then treat the chosen topic as professional and credible as possible.

So first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to be a public figure, or remain anonymous?
  • Which topics interest me personally?
  • What is the target group of these topics?
  • Are there products that can be sold or even produced by yourself?
  • Is the topic overflowing, or is there enough potential for good content?
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Ideally, you will find a topic that is not yet overflowing, that has a clear target group that is active on the chosen social media channel.

Popular areas such as beauty, fitness or travel are overflowing and there is a lot of competition, so a small niche topic might be easier to handle, but the potential profit is lower.

Many Instagram followers get

If you have then found a suitable topic, you must now get followers. There are several options for this:

  • Networking
    Comment on other channels (there will be no reaction on the big ones) and write to people in your industry. Through good connections and partnerships you often reach their followers
  • Hashtags are not a panacea, but they work
  • regular content: In the best case you have a concrete monthly or annual plan, according to which you publish something at fixed intervals
  • Stories: With the Instagram Stories you are allowed to be more unprofessional and publish e.g. “Outtakes
  • Current or controversial topics achieve more interaction. However, this can also backfire.
  • Buy followers

Making money as an influencer

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One should only think about making money with Instagram when a good foundation already exists and the channel has a certain range. However, there is no concrete figure for this. Meanwhile there are companies that are looking for small, fresh channels to book advertising and hope for later success.

Advertising orders and product placements are the most common form of influencer marketing. From a certain range on, the requests come automatically, which is why it is so important to increase your own awareness.

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In the beginning you get mainly free products of the chosen niche. These should then be discussed as positively as possible. However, caution is advised here, because your own credibility is very important. If the fans/followers notice that you only make typical advertising slogans and are not honest and objective in your evaluation, you will quickly lose respect and thus the followers. You can’t live on gift products alone anyway and paid posts are more desirable. Here there is no clear answer to the question of how much an Instagram Post, for example, is worth. Much depends on the subject area. Beauty and fitness are better paid than lifestyle and gaming. Roughly speaking, you can assume that a post is worth 5 Euros per 1000 followers. If you have more than 20,000 followers, you can expect 100€ for a post or an equivalent product.

It is quite common and not at all reprehensible to write to companies and offer the services as an influencer yourself.

By the way, every paid product placement or mail must be marked as such. Gifts of a certain amount are also a relevant income, just think of a car, which can cost 30.000 or 40.000€.

Should you buy followers?

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Again and again you hear people debating about buying followers. This is certainly the easiest and above all the fastest way to show followers. However, these are not really high quality real followers, so this option should be used with some caution.

There are many providers for buying reach on Instagram and elsewhere and prices vary greatly. Much depends on the actual quality of the followers. For example, you can get 500 real Instagram followers for 59€. With other providers you can even get a package of 10.000 followers for 100€.

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So with a relatively small investment you can quickly get considerable numbers. Since many users and advertising companies pay attention to the follower numbers first, it is not bad to have a good shortage. An gets faster requests and real followers are also attracted by the numbers. However, caution is advised, as the agencies and advertisers are now of course aware of this practice and take a closer look. For example, if you allegedly have several tens of thousands of followers, and then can only show around 20 likes for each picture or post, you will soon be suspected.

In short, the purchase of a few followers can help in the beginning and is justifiable, but you should not overdo it!

Become known with

Making money as an influencer is clearly possible, but it requires a lot of know-how and tact. We at Adfluencer have made it our goal to help you increase your profile in a professional and above all sustainable way. We support you with consulting, social media optimization and good advertising.

Make your dream come true and become a successful influencer!