Like many successful influencers before, lots of hard working talents wish for more reach and most of all a great career. You are one of them as you are here, reading this article! The first step is already taken.

Like many successful influencers before, lots of hard working talents wish for more reach and most of all a great career. You are one of them as you are here, reading this article! The first step is already taken.

Your first thought might be that companies and other advertising partners might try to contact you on their own to work with you. That’s absolutely right. Wait, it’s that easy? Sure, if you have multiple 10.000 followers. Oh, right, that was the catch.

What’s left for you is to make the first move and to take the initiative. You have to get in contact with the potential advertising partner. So far, so good.
But how can you do it the best way possible? First, you need to analyze your work and with that your potential target group. Which products and services suit you? What demographic are you aiming for?

If you’re doing fitness blogs, your target group will mostly likely be men AND women between the age of 16 and the mid-thirties. And there we have the crux of the matter: “most likely”. You will be more accurate if you take a look at your followers. This will give you a deeper look and enables you to plan further ahead.

Now you know which advertising partners suit you, as you don’t want to promote wall paint as a fitness blogger – this won’t help you nor your advertising partner.
Before you’re off to get in contact with your future advertising partner, you should remember one thing: To be interesting for a company, they should be able to see what YOU have to offer to THEM. The name of the game is “engagement rate”.

Simply put, you don’t only need to have followers, you ALSO need to have likes and comments on your content. Lots of followers may look great on a first impression, but you are more interesting if you have an ACTIVE community. Followers that interact with your content are worth so much more.

Your next step is to look up which companies might be interested in an advertising partnership with you. That can be really tedious and time consuming. For this it’s best to stick with crowdfunding services or a look into the latest products in online shops. Of course you can always get some inspiration from other influencers.

Now it’s time to get in contact with those companies! Get on the phone or write an e-mail. Try to describe your work as an influencer as detailed as possible and tell them why you are the perfect match for them. With a little bit of luck and some quality content of yours, you might get your first advertising partnership soon.

As might already be able to tell, this way is not only tedious and time consuming, it also has one big flaw: You won’t be able to find EVERY matching advertising partner for you. Who really knows every hot product and every new and/or proven company?
To have every possible choice and to be seen better by other companies, we strongly recommend to you to use AdFluencer to maximize your opportunities.






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