Instagram is an excellent platform that offers individuals to make an extra source of income. When an individual has a high number of followers, Instagram pays them up. However, if you have a high number of followers or beyond the number set by Instagram, you will get paid.

Are you interested to know who all are getting paid for their popularity on Instagram then, refer to the post? It will answer who are the most famous Instagram influencers as well clear other queries of yours.


Huda Kattan

Here in this post, we will be highlighting all the most popular Instagram influencers that you should know about if you are on Instagram. Therefore, if you are curious to know the list of the most popular influencers then, continue reading the post further.

It will give you a complete understanding of all the famous personalities and a bit more about their lives. You too can become famous on this platform if you choose to buy Instagram followers.

  • Huda Kattan

She is one of the most popular Instagram influencers that you should know about. Interestingly, she is not merely an Instagrammer but rather a makeup blogger and artist. She has a huge number of followers on the Instagram platform. She started right after college as a beauty blogger.

She worked initially as a makeup stylist for Revlon and as an artist for celebrities. She has followers from all over the globe. As far as the number of followers is concerned, she has got around 50.1 million followers.

  • James Charles

In addition to this, James Charles is another most popular Instagram influencer that you should know about in response to your query about who are the most famous Instagram influencers. He is among the first spokesmodel in male for Cover Girl. His Instagram account is filled with many pictures with makeup on.

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He uses a lot of vibrant colours and heavy makeup. Interestingly, his eyes are always the centre of attraction. He does eye shadows that catch the attention of the users. He has around 23.3 million followers on Instagram.

  • Manny Gutierrez

Many Gutierrez is considered as one of the most fearless men just like James Charles. He is the brand ambassador of Maybelline and then, he started up his beauty line that is named Lunar Beauty. He is from the gay community and speaks for the rights of the LGBT community.

He is quite popular on Instagram with around more than 4.0 million followers. People follow him for the motivation videos that he generally puts. He has received a great amount of love from the audience.

  • Chiara Ferragni

To answer your question about who are the most famous Instagram influencers, the third on our list is Chiara Ferragni. She has a follower list of around 26.6 million on Instagram. She is one of the awards winning bloggers in fashion. Interestingly, Chiara Ferragni has her style and stands apart from the other fashion blogger which is why she has gained utmost popularity.

Through her Instagram account, she generally speaks about her family including her mother. She is the best combination of a working and a beautiful woman. She is so active on Instagram that she even shared her ultrasound photographs. This is not so common among all the other influencers on Instagram. This is because not everybody is comfortable sharing their personal lives.

  • Alexa Chung

Moreover, you should also know about the British model Alexa Chung when we are talking about fashion. She is a mixed-race model who started her blog. After this, she launched her fashion line as well. She is now both a model and owns a fashion line.

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She posts her pictures when she goes out on vacation. He is been followed by more than 5 million people on Instagram. Aside from this, she stands apart from the rest of the models by putting in front a unique fashion style.

  • Gigi Hadid

Well, you might be indeed aware of the most iconic model Gigi Hadid. She is also another popular influencer on Instagram. She has around more than 73.1 million followers on Instagram. She shares glimpses of her personal life. For instance, she shared her pictures when she was pregnant with her baby bump. It is her positivity towards life that has brought her so many numbers of followers. She has got huge popularity for her work and exotic appearances.

A few of the popular influencers were that you should know about. This list will help you understand why they are popular on Instagram. Hopefully, you have understood who are the most famous Instagram influencers. If you wish to become popular just like the above influencers then, you need to be serious and dedicated to the same. Who are the most famous Instagram influencers.


who are the most famous Instagram influencers.

You should follow some tips like posting consistently, unique content, attention-grabbing information based on the interest of the audience. You need to have a target audience based on which you will be planning out your schedules.

Instagram is an exceptional application providing an enriching experience to the users. If you are an Instagrammer then, you should know the tips and tricks to become famous on the platform.

However, if you are not aware of the same then, we suggest you do proper research on the same. We hope, we were able to provide you with the information that you were looking for in this post. Make sure to go through the post as that will help you if you wish to become the next most popular influencer on Instagram.

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