Your own Merch Store with Adfluencer

Earning money with your own hobby has become a dream come true as an influencer. Typically this happens with the obvious sources of income like advertising revenue and placement fees. But have you ever thought about starting your own online shop and selling products in the merch store itself?

Learn more about this topic and how we at can help you with your project.


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Advantages of your own online shop

Influencers are usually dependent on other companies wanting to enter into a short or medium-term cooperation. Whether this offer is then interesting and above all lucrative depends on various things. For example, the following factors play a role:

  • Do the products suit my target group?
  • Can I recommend them with a clear conscience?
  • Is the partner reputable?
  • Could this become a worthwhile, long-term cooperation?

If everything is right, we will then work together, hopefully for a longer time. However, the search for new partners can be quite nerve-racking and time-consuming. You quickly find yourself under a lot of pressure, especially if this is your only source of income.

A very attractive solution is therefore a Merch Store, where you sell your own merchandising products, fashion collection or other things that are directly related to your content.

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This business model offers you a long-term independence and therefore a financial security. Over time, you build your own brand and become your own boss. Since the buying process is automated, you secure a very comfortable passive income.

Especially gratifying – you earn money with your passion and your interests!

You can start out small and sell products that have been provided to you by your clients in your online shop. Because after the fourth handbag or the fifth jacket that you have received in past cooperations, the wardrobe might simply be full and you might not even use the clothes anymore. Why not just make money from the whole thing?

When Influencer market the shop itself

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The big advantage is that you have already made a name for yourself as an influencer, so most of the marketing for Dienen Shop is already done.

Of course it is important that your products are appealing and fit to your followers. Then you just have to tease the Merch Store and make your community curious.

As soon as the great online shop is live and working, you just have to promote your products, new products, discount offers etc. on your own social media platform.

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Another innovative and very successful strategy is to involve your fan community in the development of your products via surveys. This way you know what they want and stay close to your customers.

Anyway, your followers trust you and you have built up a real relationship with them over time, so it is very unlikely that they are not interested in your products. On the one hand, this obliges you to offer your community a real added value, i.e. to have high-quality products in your assortment. On the other hand, your fans will of course follow recommendations with confidence, because a friend’s recommendation always weighs more than subjective advertising promises.

Do without Amazon

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Most online shop operators are currently experiencing difficulties in competing against the major platforms. Amazon in particular seems to be a real obstacle, as 34% of buyers in Germany search directly at Amazon instead of in individual online shops. Nevertheless, influencers in particular should attach importance to exclusivity and get along without Amazon. So rather try to run your own online shop to sell your products. This will surely give you fans some extra points for your followers!

These are the advantages of a Merch Store at


3910332 Your own Merch Store with Adfluencer


Very few influencers have experience with the construction and operation of an online shop. We at – the Influencer Agency in Germany – will help you to realize your project.

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With our solution you have no risk and can enjoy the wonderful world of online shops without worries. There are numerous ready-made designs and attractive startup rates. You have no fixed costs, you only pay a fair commission for each sale to Depending on how your online business develops, there are different price models, which we will gladly explain to you.

By the way, there is also the possibility to not only buy directly within the shop page, but a Buy Botton can also be integrated into your blog or on another website without any problems. With a simple click on this Botton the interested customer will be taken directly to your checkout. So if you have a fashion blog and write about the new autumn fashion, you can offer a jacket from your assortment directly where the readers are curious – on your blog.

It’s also possible to open the online shop for a limited time only and otherwise take it offline.

If you are interested now, you are welcome to contact us, we will help you realize your dream of financial independence!