check out IG insights for posts

In modern times, in order for you to make sense of what your audience requires, data and information are key. Not only does it provide info on who these users are, but it also lets you know their preferences and the ways they like in order to carry out a certain process. For sure, the ability to make correct decisions based on tactful assumption is a skill. At the same time, what would be better than to back up those assumptions with hard, cold and quantifiable data? Keeping that in mind, we offer you a well-established article on how to see post insights on Instagram.

How to see post insights on Instagram

Insights offer an efficient method for users to measure up their posts and profile based on analytics. At the same time, only users who have a Business Account on Instagram can access Instagram Post Insights.

These insights assist users in enhancing their strategies. That includes data on which posts get the maximum number of likes and click rates, among many others.

Stepwise Guide On How To See Post Insights On Instagram

·        Insights Menu

Firstly, start by running the application or opening the official website of Instagram.

Visit the profile section once you’re on the main page of your account. In the upper right section, you’ll see 3 lines stacked together. Tap on that icon.

On tapping the icon, a menu will dropdown. From this menu, tap on “Insights.”

steps to check insights menu

Under “Insights,” you can access “Recent Highlights.” Users can figure out data such as weekly analysis of followers count, engagement levels, promotions, so on and so forth.

·        The Reach of the account

Reach offers an efficient method for influencers and brands to measure levels of engagement on their profiles. For such purposes, users can make use of the services under “Accounts Reached.” It offers data on the total unique user counts who’ve visited the posts.

The “Accounts Reached” option includes:

  • Top IGTV Videos

It contains info on videos on IGTV with the most engagements levels and reach.

  • Top Stories

The stories that captured the entirety of engagement and reach.

  • Top Posts

IG posts that were able to garner the most engagement and reach.

  • Account Activity

The menu option includes activities such as website taps and profile visits, among many others.

  • Impressions

It measures the level of exposure of your Instagram account.

·        Tracking Traffic Through Insights.

Instagram users with Business Accounts will be able to check the Profile Visits on their domain.

In order to do that, access Account Activity under Insights. Tap on Website Taps. The metric helps measure the view count of your profile.

·        Check Out Website Clicks.

In the menu option called Account Activity, you’ll be able to find the Website Taps option, as stated earlier. The option provides insights into the functioning of the links in the bio section.

It offers exact numbers on the click rates of these links.

·        Tracking Interactions On Posts.

In order to access this option, you need to trace your steps back to “Recent Highlights.” Under this category, you’ll find “Content Interactions.” Tap on that.

Doing so will redirect you to a domain listing engagement and interaction levels of your posts and other content.

In this section, you’ll be able to gather info on the number of saves, comments, and likes.

·        Tracking Followers.

If you wish to track the followers and other metrics related to that, you can find that on the page titled “Follower Breakdown.” It’ll be inside the menu of “Total Followers,” which will be under “Recent Highlights.”

The “Follower Breakdown” offers a detailed weekly analysis of your follower count. It also assists in planning when to post content since the metric tells you when your followers are most active.

·        Post Specific Insights

Other than offering users the overall insights related to the profile, users can even avail themselves of insights that are specific to each post.

If you wish to employ this particular metric, pay a visit to the post in question. Upon arriving on the post, under it, you’ll be able to see “View Insights.” Tap on that.

The metric sheds light on the actions that your followers partake in once coming across your content. That includes whether they choose to follow you, follow the link you provided in the bio section, or simply visit the account.

·        Discovery

Users with Business Account can also avail themselves of the services under “Discovery.” It helps trace the locations where users discovered your profile.

Discovery also makes use of the Impressions metrics to help you manage your account better.

Other than these metrics, you also have access to the insights for Instagram Stories.