Instagram games and challenges are fun and trendy. The 24 motives 24 names Instagram game is one such popular game on the social media platform that has gained popularity. However, the best thing about these games and challenges is that they are amazing account boosters. It can also help you gain followers or you can anytime buy Instagram likes to boost your account.

24 motives 24 names Instagram game


This means that not only do you get to have fun playing a game with your followers and friends on the platform; you also get to increase your engagement rate and bring in new followers while doing so.

However, finding good game ideas can be confusing. You want to play games that are interactive, easy and relevant to your account niche. This guide will walk you through the best Instagram games to indulge in.

  1. Three truths and a lie

This one is particularly fun and allows your audience to know more about you. If you don’t want to do a boring Q&A and want to make the process fun and interactive for your audience, three truths and a lie is a very fun game to play on your Instagram stories.

What you have to do is post a series of Instagram stories highlighting three truths and one lie in the list of available options. Your audience will have to find which one of the four is a lie and which one is the truth.

  1. Quick draw challenge

If you are done with the 24 motives 24 names Instagram game and want to play more creative and fun games, the quick draw challenge is a good one. You can post the template for the quick draw on your Instagram stories and ask your followers to draw something that they assume about you or ask them for subjects and you can draw something quick.

It’s a fun and interactive challenge and brings your audience a lot closer to you. Just ensure that you do this challenge when you have ample free time in your hand because this will take up quite a lot of the time.

  1. Nominate the friends

This is where things get creative. If you want to create your own game or challenge and want to create better visibility surrounding it, you can always bring together your audience or your friends to hop on the challenge as well. In this challenge, you can create your own game or challenge and then do it and post it to your Instagram page.

Once done, you can nominate your friends on Instagram to do the same. This allows you to have an interactive time with your friends and even spread the word about the challenge that you have started. Once everyone starts picking up on it, you should start seeing visibility to your account.

  1. GIF challenges

GIFs and reactions videos are currently in trend and Instagram users are going bonkers over it. So, why not make the most out of this challenge too? In this one, you have a premade template with favorite foods, places, TV shows, etc. that you have to post with GIFs.

It is a great way for your audience to get to know you without you needing to sit down and film a boring Q&A, which are becoming very outdated lately. So, it isn’t even a question that you should take part in this challenge if you want to garner better interaction from your audience.

  1. quiz games

Quiz games are very diverse on Instagram and are available in different themes and a list of questions. You can pick the list that seems the most interactive to you and then post it to your Instagram story, asking your audience to ask you the questions they want answers to.

Once you get a good influx of posts and replies, you can take it to Instagram to post the answer to the specific question that your audience wants answers to. 24 motives 24 names Instagram game.

  1. Music challenge

Music is a fun and therapeutic way to heal from your current shortcomings in life. So, why not make the most out of it? The music challenges are a fun way to connect with your audience and build a community of people who bond over similar music tastes.

The easy way to conduct this challenge is to post a question asking what kind of music your audience listens to the most. You can include scenarios and themes to further spruce up your following on your Instagram account.

24 motives 24 names Instagram game

  1. This or That

Given how popular This and That challenge has become on Instagram, there are filters that you can use to post Instagram stories to your account . This is quite a fun and interactive game and challenge, much like the 24 motives 24 names Instagram game. If you want to grow your account and introduce your likes and dislikes to your audience in a creative way, this is a good one.

However, there are very limited templates available, so we’d recommend that you keep a check on the questions and the options or create your template for better interaction.

Instagram games and challenges are a fun way to engage your target audience. If you are running out of ideas and want to know what kinds of games you can indulge in, we hope this article gives you all the top insights you need to know. Just pick the challenges or games that align the best with your brand and the kind of content that you post. 24 motives 24 names Instagram game.


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