how to dm a guy on Instagram

While in the new world, with social media as the primary means of getting in touch with people, it is not uncommon for people to meet their love interests on such platforms. What was considered once strange or even uncomfortable about meeting strangers online has become an almost normal thing for many users on the forum.


There is a line to draw on seeming creepy and stalker-like, to trying to get someone to respond to your chats. Here are some of how you can strike up a conversation through dms on Instagram without looking creepy or being weird:


How do you dm a guy n Instagram?


Respond to his stories:

The easiest and the most common reason people often chat up someone online is by replying t their stories. Since people tend to post a lot of stories or are more active on Instagram stories than Instagram posts, it is much easier for people to connect through Instagram stories.


Instagram has made it even easier for users with the reaction buttons where you don’t have to say anything; you can react with an emoticon. This feature helps take off the nerves about being the first to text a stranger, no less, your crush!


However, it is also good to note that sending a dm that will invite conversation is more effective than just a mere emoji. For instance, you can ask a question about the story or respond to the story positively to initiate an invite to continue the conversation.


Tagging in memes:

With the evolution of memes on Instagram, it is fair to say that there is an indispensable number of memes available online- a meme to cater to everyone’s unmoor. This approach is a much more lighthearted way of striking up a conversation instead of telling a joke that can backfire.


You can tag the guy you want to dm, on a meme that you think they might like. It shows that you are thinking about them or showing interest in them without being too forward, like through text. Even if he does not respond to your tag, it gives some room for growth. When you meet them in person, you can have something to talk about.


Similarly, you can also send a meme to their dm instead of tagging them. If both of you are already following each other or have public profiles, you can send memes privately. This has a much higher chance of getting a response than the previous method of tagging in memes.


Comment dm:

It is pretty old school to leave a comment on the person’s post. Instead, you can privately comment on their post, which will go directly to their dm. When you click on comment under their post, you can see two options where you can comment publicly, for you can choose to send s direct message as a response to their post.


This allows for more room for an answer since you are addressing his post. Instead of shooting in the dark with a casual “HI” with no reason for messaging, it gives you something to talk about when you dm through a comment to the post. This also takes away the awkwardness if you are texting privately for the first time.


Direct dm:

As the same suggests, you can also choose the more straightforward way and directly message them. Perhaps they will be just as interested in striking up a conversation with you as you were with them. The worst-case scenario is that they do not respond, but you can relax knowing that you tried.



dm a guy n Instagram

Some tips for DMs:


  1. Try to be as creative as possible when it comes to direct messaging without any context. You want the person to feel inclined to reply but not creped out by a sudden text without context.
  2. Check the time before you send a dm. Make sure that you’re not overly forward or desperate by sending the message really early in the morning or too late at night.
  3. If you have a reason for sending a dm, be direct and keep the goal in mind.
  4. Double-check your spelling before sending the message, especially if it is someone you want to impress or for professional work.
  5. Don’t send the text back to back. After you send the first text, you can wait for a few more days or weeks before you try again if he does not respond. If you repeatedly text him, it might send him the wrong idea.


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