Reposting IGTV On Instagram Feed

If there’s one thing that you should know is that your posts don’t always have to be original or new. Reposting content is totally fine, as long as you credit the original uploader. You can choose to repost your content too on both your feed and stories. If you have recently uploaded an IGTV, but it hasn’t garnered enough interaction and reviews, then you should proceed to repost it on your feed. Instagram has become a treasure island for most people, and reposting your content is one of its most effective strategies.

By choosing to repost the preview of your IGTV on your feed, you are able to gather more views and likes. The users will be able to see a minute preview of your IGTV. From there, they can tap on it to continue watching or not. If you are someone with a business, then featuring an IGTV video on your feed is a smart move. Your feed won’t just look attractive, but there will be an increased engagement in your business profile. You will also see many YouTubers who repost their IGTV videos on their Instagram.

Should You Share It on Your Feed?

So, is it useful to reshare your IGTV video on your traditional Instagram feed? Well, the answer to your question is a Yes! Here, your strategy in video marketing will play a major role in understanding how your IGTV content fits in with your remaining Insta posts. However, it is effective to repost your IGTV video on your feed, especially when you have invested so much time in making it. The key is to make as many people see your content as possible. Reposting won’t just make them visible to your followers but to new users as well.

There are tons of brands, especially the small ones, who repost their IGTV videos to increase their visibility and views. Whenever you choose to repost your IGTV content, Instagram will show only a preview of it to your viewers, which spans over a minute. From there, if the viewer likes it and wants to continue watching, then they can tap on the video to proceed further. Reposting will be super beneficial for users who have previously missed out on your content before. In this way, you get to garner more engagement for your brand.

Steps for Reposting IGTV on Instagram Feed

repost IGTV videos

Here’s how to repost IGTV on Instagram feed:

Posting To Your Feed – Instagram makes it possible for you to upload your IGTV content to both your feed and story. Whenever you choose to upload an IGTV video, Instagram offers you the option of putting a preview in your stories and feed. If you are sharing a preview in your feed, then a preview of your video will show up for 15 seconds. To choose the preview option, you just need to enable and shift the slider option to blue for opting for an IGTV preview.

So, once you successfully select that option, your followers will come across your IGTV video’s preview in their feed. Here, the cover picture will show up on the grid of your profile. Whenever you end up posting previews of your videos, both the description and title will begin copying over towards the caption. Remember that if you have incorporated any links in the description, they will become unclickable.

Once you agree to post a preview of your IGTV video, you can click on the “Edit Profile Cover” option for adjusting the way your IGTV cover image appears on the profile grid. Here, you can also choose to click on “Edit Preview” for adjusting how your content would be previewed within the feed. It also makes the process of inserting subtitles way easier.

Posting On Your Story – You should open your Instagram and log in using all your credentials. Now, you need to head towards the video, which you are interested in reposting. Here, we will be referring to the IGTV video that you wish to repost on your story. You need to remember that you can avoid posting the entire video on your story. Instead, you should choose to upload only a preview of it. The interested viewers will then click on it and watch it till the end from your IGTV section.

That is the power of reposting content on Instagram. Whenever a viewer finishes watching the preview, Instagram will prompt them to click on the original link. Once you open your IGTV video, you will be greeted with three different options, i.e., share, like, or comment. You will need to tap on the share button. From there, you will be creating a new story. You can also choose to insert other items in your story. After you are done customizing it, you can proceed to repost your IGTV content in your story. Here, all of your viewers will be able to watch or rewatch it.