how to flirt on Instagram?

Although the nerves of walking up to the person you like and physically talking to them are taken away through the introduction of Instagram, it is not to say that the awkwardness of approaching someone still exists. Here is a list of all the dos and don’ts when it comes to flirting with someone on Instagram:


Follow their account before you start sending them messages

It is a crucial step to start following them first. People tend to check who has followed them when they get notified of new followers. Thus, when you start following them first, they will have already seen your profile and have an idea about who you are through your profile.


However, if the person you want to follow has a private account and does not accept your request, you should not insist on being accepted. Respect their decisions and walk away.


 how to flirt on Instagram?

Please don’t go to their profile and like all the posts.

If your changes were good and they accepted your follow request, don’t immediately go to their profile and like all the pictures or leave comments in each post. This comes off as desperate, a little excessive.


It shows that you have been stalking their whole profile. If you like a couple of pictures, try to go for the ones at the top of the shape and not at the end. Also, it is essential to like various images in case the person has a wide variety.


You can start sending direct messages but try not to be overbearing or too forwards. Sometimes it gives off a bad vibe, so be as thoughtful and calm as you can. But also make sure to send thought-provoking messages so that the person feels the need to respond to you in some way.


You can make use of humor or a funny picture or meme that you think they might enjoy. This only applies if you have already established that kind of relationship or are at least 80% sure that the person will enjoy these memes and pictures. Sending pictures totally out of context can also come off as a little weird.


Try to keep your texts to a minimum:

When you start having casual conversations with them online, try not to leave them too many messages at once. Do not bombard their inbox with tons of notes. Just send one concise text and wait for their response patiently. Instagram also has a feature where you get notified when the person has seen your messages, so if the person has seen your message but hasn’t responded, take the hint and wait patiently for a reply.


Ask questions in the comments:

Instead of the typical sentence compliment on their posts, you can ask them a question to which they can answer. This tactic works when you want to engage the person in a conversation. Be mindful that the question is not out of context but is associated with the post or is relevant to the post.


Be mindful of their feelings and don’t say things that you probably won’t tell them in person:

This is mainly to do with genuineness. You can’t come off as a lovely person in the text and then a completely different person when you meet them in person. This gives them the feeling that they were led on even though perhaps you were just shy to say the same things aloud.


Move on from your online conversations to offline meetings:

If everything goes well, you can start making plans to see each other offline as well. Try to make the first few meetings in public places with other people around so that the other person doesn’t feel anxious to say yes to the meeting. You want them to feel safe with you and keep in mind that you are practically a stranger they met online, so keep both thoughts in mind when making this proposal.

Don’t send them the wrong signals:

If you are looking for a friendship, companionship, or even a relationship, be sure to voice this out initially. Don’t lead them on with what you think they want to hear, so things go your way. Be open, authentic, and transparent about what you want out of the relationship. In this way, you won’t have to waste each others’ time if you both are looking for different things.


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