If you asked back in the day, growing an Instagram account dedicated to just quotes and nature quotes would be difficult. However, things have become a lot simpler with the introduction of Instagram reels. Not just for general accounts, you can also use the best nature quotes (refreshing & beautiful quotes)  to grow your presence on Instagram.

That said, not every nature quotes account on Instagram is a hit. There are ones with millions of followers and there are ones with just 10. How can you become a part of the former list?

We have accumulated the trending list of tips and strategies that you can follow to bring good growth to your quotes Instagram account using Instagram reels.

  • Plan your content

best nature quotes (refreshing & beautiful quotes)

Instagram reels are a good way to grow your account. However, you need to use it in the right way, especially when you are trying to make it big in the account. So, before you start posting, you have to plan the content accordingly. This is where all the magic happens.

Having a content calendar allows you to plan out your content ahead of time so you have an inventory to post from, even when you aren’t making new content for the post. Also, when you are planning your content, align it with the theme of your account so it’s better recognizable.

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  • Be unique

There are hundreds of accounts posting the best nature quotes (refreshing & beautiful quotes),  so what makes you different? Ideally, you want to ensure that you keep a check on the content you are posting, especially if you do want to stand out from the rest of the competitors who are posting similar content. This is one way to make your account garner likes and followers or you can buy Instagram followers for this. 

Try using different layouts, themes, and graphics in your Instagram reel, unlike your competitors who are just reliant on the same old boring stack of content on a running video background. The way you design your Instagram reel video is what makes all the difference in terms of growth and outreach.

Despite what kind of quotes you are posting, we’d recommend that you use the trending audios. But, how would you know which audios are trending and popular? Well, at the bottom, look for the audios that have an upward arrow sign beside them. Those are the audios that you want to look out for, especially if you want to make it big.

Also, while you are at it, try to create a video that aligns with the sound so it makes the content even more engaging and attention-grabbing.

  • Avoid the Tiktok watermark

Instagram doesn’t push or encourage reels videos that are downloaded and reposted from Tiktok. So, if you are posting the  best nature quotes (refreshing & beautiful quotes) using a reel video, make it natively on Instagram or you can upload the original video that you made instead of using the video that you downloaded from TikTok.

This will hamper the growth and outreach of the video, stunting it gravely. So, always upload original videos to reels that you have saved on your phone. Avoid uploading reposted content from your TikTok account.

  • Hop on the trends

best nature quotes (refreshing & beautiful quotes)

It is tough to get onto trends when you run a quotes account on Instagram but that is the beauty of reels. With these short videos, you too can jump on the trend by creating videos on the trending audios. These can help you amplify your growth on the platform as you have never experienced before.

Also, while you are at it, we’d recommend that you focus on aligning the content with the trends you are posting. Irrelevant content will only make your audience scroll past the video without thinking of stopping and watching it.

  • Make wise use of hashtags

When it comes to Instagram reels, you want to use relevant hashtags for your videos. Instagram’s algorithm is becoming very strict with the usage of hashtags. The use of irrelevant hashtags just for visibility won’t bring your post the kind of popularity and outreach that you are looking for.

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Instead, we’d recommend that you pick the top trending hashtags aligned with your post and include those in the caption. These small changes can make very big impacts on your account’s growth.

  • Share the reels on the feed

Sharing your reels on the feed can indeed make it look messy and unorganized. But, if you want the best growth by posting the best nature quotes (refreshing & beautiful quotes) on Instagram reels, we’d recommend that you make the reels visible on your feed too. 

This enhances your views on the reel and makes it a lot more popular among your audience, enhancing engagement in the process too. However, when you don’t share the reel on your feed, your followers might not find them on their home page, thereby affecting the views that you get. So, if the engagement is low, Instagram’s algorithm will not push your post to your target audience as well.

Running an Instagram quotes account is not as easy as you think, especially if you want to grow the account using reels. This guide gives you a complete rundown of the relevant tips, tricks, and strategies that you can make the most use of, especially to promote the gradual and organic growth of your account on the platform.