Even though people are leveraging Instagram to earn money and brands are using it for promoting their products, Instagram is still a social media platform at the end of the day. So, if you are looking for birthday quotes for your brother to use on Instagram, be assured that there are plenty.

birthday quotes for brother to use on Instagram

Every single one of us wants to make our loved one’s birthdays special and an occasion worth remembering. However, this is where the tricky part is. How do you surprise your brother with a birthday post on Instagram that they remember?

If you are confused, don’t worry because we have got your back. This post will explore the top creative ways for creating a birthday post on Instagram.

  1. Stick to basic minimalistic posts

Despite what you might think, not everyone likes jazzy birthday posts. And, if your brother is one of those individuals that doesn’t like the attention on them on a day, we’d recommend keeping things simple and minimal. Feed posts are the best choice in that case.

When making a simple post, you can include a slide of multiple images that showcase all the best memories that you have Serviceh created together. And, you can then end up the post with a cute and basic birthday quote or message you want to share.

  1. make a collage

Collage-based photos are a very popular way for birthday wishes on social media platforms, including Instagram. These allow you to make the most out of one image and include every single memory that you have possibly shared with your brother.

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Also, when making a collage, make sure that you don’t overcrowd the image. Sometimes, when you include a lot of smaller images, it makes the collage look crowded and not the way you’d want to portray those memories. Instead, keep the images spaced out and visible in the collage.

  1. Put your heart out in the caption

Sometimes, more than the image, it’s the caption that matters. If you are looking for birthday quotes for your brother to use on Instagram, several accounts can help you with the search. However, besides a quote, nothing beats a heartfelt and personalized message.

Given that you are wishing for your brother, you shouldn’t have a hard time articulating your feelings into words and writing them down in the caption. It is an amazing way to make someone close to your heart feel special and valued in their presence on this planet. And, given that it’s a birthday message, they deserve to feel that way.

  1. Record a video

Videos are very popular on Instagram and have the potential to blow up even before you know. So, instead of keeping things simple and minimal, you can go out of your way to record a video and publish it on Instagram to let your brother know how much you appreciate them.

Making videos is an amazing way to shell out your feelings and connect on a deeper level with the person you are posting the content for. Also, videos are more fun to watch, so you can be assured that the other person will most likely enjoy watching the video, especially on their special day.

  1. Reach out to their favorite Instagram account for a shoutout

If you have the connections and network to make this happen, we’d recommend that you do. It could be a celebrity or it could be an Instagram influencer that your brother looks up to. With the right resources, you can reach out to them and ask them for a shoutout for your brother’s birthday.

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Also, if you can’t particularly reach out to a popular Instagram account and ask them for a shoutout, there are agencies and even businesses that specialize in such paid gigs. You can reach them and have them arrange a video dedicated to your brother on his special day. It can cost you a bit tough, so be aware of that.

  1. Make a reel

Posting birthday quotes for brothers to use on Instagram is fun but nothing beats the popularity and the fun factor that reels bring in. If you are creative with reel videos and audio, why not surprise your brother with a creative and trending reel?

It is quite a fun rendition and allows you to share the fun, memories, and even the fights that you get into with your brother. There’s nothing that beats the fun of making a good reel.

  1. Have your followers give him a shoutout

If you are big on Instagram, we’d recommend that you keep up with your followers and have them give your brother a shoutout on his birthday. There’s nothing that beats the joy of having hundreds and thousands of people wishing you on your special day so why not give your brother the same special feeling and fun?

Just ensure that you plan things ahead of time so it is easier to execute the plan on the big day. It can take you quite a while but it is hands down one of the most fun ways of wishing someone a happy birthday. You can buy Instagram followers if you want to make your profile appear in the feed. Birthday quotes for brother to use on Instagram.

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birthday quotes for brother to use on Instagram

Using birthday quotes for brothers to use on Instagram is an amazing way to make them feel special and valued on their birthday. But, don’t stop your choices there. We have sorted out some of the most creative ways you can wish your brother a happy birthday via Instagram. So, take notes.