Charge Per Post on Instagram

There is always that question of how much to charge per Instagram costs in a world of branded partnerships and social media. As an influencer, you have to do your part in promoting a brand’s product or service. Whenever a brand hires you for sponsored posts, you have to understand that it’s different in comparison to the traditional type of content creation. Here, the brand is paying you good money to post and promote their content. They will expect you to bring in more followers, likes, views, exposure, and most importantly, revenue.

You need to be transparent with your influence and analytics. Once they pay you, you can’t expect to display average performance. So, whenever brands approach you for your service, ensure that you are putting out exactly what they give you. It is important for you to come up with the right charges too. Once you are aware of the calculations, you can start working. Today, our article will cover the details surrounding promotional charges on Instagram. So, even if you are new to this, you will know how to get started.

How To Calculate The Rates?

The rates must always depend on the engagement rate and follower count of an influencer. But there are also other factors such as niche audience access, star power, and talent that play a major role even though they are less qualitative. If there is a shoot, then expenses surrounding the hiring of a hairstylist or studio renting will also come into play. Here are some basic formulas:

  • Total Rate = Engagement rate for every post + additional factors + extras for post types.
  • Total Rate = Additional factors + extras for post types + $100 for every 10K followers (Industry Standard).

What Is The Price Per Post?

calculate Instagram rates

Many social influencers tend to possess a press kit that describes their available partnerships and rates. Based on the campaign, the special rates or bundled content can be worked out to decrease the costs and labor.

For Pictures – The standard Insta post, which is sponsored, mostly consists of a picture with a caption. There are times when the product may also be featured in the picture. But for services, a caption proves to be more useful for better promotion. By utilizing the formulas presented above, you can expect a picture post to come around $2000 in terms of costs for profiles that have under 100K followers. But for macro-influencers, they can charge between $5000-$10,000. Most influencers use the formula of:

  • Average Engagements (Recent) x $0.45 = Average price for every Instagram post (CPE).

For Videos – Video content is only increasing on social media, with Instagram in particular. There is an 80% increase in a year-over-year manner. The majority of the content creators like that video tend to involve a larger production cost compared to a picture. However, the added investment usually translates into it being more than the added engagement. When it comes to the charges for video posts, most influencers utilize this formula:

  • Average engagement (Recent) x $0.16 = Price for every Insta video (CPE).

For Content/Post Giveaway – When you hold contests on Instagram, both brand awareness and followers increase. Here, with contests, you are asking your followers to play a certain game for winning prizes. It could be anything from sharing a specific post, tagging another user, or liking your profile. The content combo needed for running a contest is unique to every influencer and brand. You can estimate the total cost by assessing and adding all the single elements. The calculation usually goes like this:

  • Price for every Insta contest = # of stories x price for every story + # of videos x $0.16 + # of posts x $0.14.

For Stories – A story on Instagram consists of a video or picture that disappears after a duration of 24 hours. The quality of production tends to range from polished uploaded content to off-the-cuff device footage. The costs tend to vary according to that. We would recommend you to use this formula for your Instagram stories:

  • Price for every Insta story = Average view (Recent) x $0.06.

For Swipe Up Stories – Instagram’s swipe up feature helps in earning website visitations and in-app conversions. It also has an added value because links are usually tough to come by within Instagram’s atmosphere. You can expect it to cost a little more than your usual story promotions. We suggest you charge your usual Price for a single story, including a price for every swipe or conversion or website visit. The product that is being sold will help determine the worth of the conversion or swipe up. Ensure that you use this formula:

  • Price for every IG story + swipe up = Price for every IG story + Price for every swipe up.

For Insta Story Poll – The addition of a poll to an IG story works as an affordable way for learning more about your followers and your prospective consumers. There might be extra charges depending on how labor or time intensive it gets for you in preparation or monitoring. It will cost more compared to the usual story.

Price for every IG story poll = Price for every IG story (Here, Average View (Recent) x $0.06) + Price for every poll (Here, hourly rate for additional labor).