Removing Shop Button On Instagram

Instagram has been ever-evolving, making it one among the most famous social media platforms. The platform has many excellent features it provides to its users. Among its recent additions is the Instagram shopping feature launched in the year 2020.

With this feature, Instagram lets its users shop through a new button present in the app’s menu bar. You can shop from top-ranking developers and brands with just one click.

Instagram users will organize the items by categorizing them based on the relevant group they belong to. At present, you will find it with the Instagram explore shop option.

That said, if you are not interested in this feature, you have come to the right page. In this write-up, we can help you get rid of the Instagram shop button in easy, straightforward steps. However, before we get into removing the feature, let us first learn more about the Instagram shop.

What is Instagram Shop?

getting rid of Instagram shopping feature

Instagram Shop is a popular feature that is available on the platform that allows users to buy products from the app. It is a form of e-commerce that allows brands to sell their products exclusively on the platform.

Brands can create a profile, select products they want to sell and showcase them with posts and stories. The company will then set up direct messages as an option so customers can contact them for more information or purchases.

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Instagram was originally just for posting and sharing photos with others on the platform. Now, you can search for specific items and then click on them to purchase the items with the use of a credit card.

Instagram shopping feature is a perfect way to showcase your products. These days, there are more and more people turning to social media platforms as their means of buying from businesses.

Therefore, it’s essential for those businesses to have a presence on those platforms. Furthermore, Instagram being a popular social media app out there has millions of users who are actively seeking out new products to buy.

So, why not grab this opportunity to sell your product!

How to Remove Shop Button on Instagram?

Below are the steps to remove the Shop button from your profile:

Step 1: Load the Instagram application.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Profile’ option at the bottom of your screen.

Step 3: Next, select the ‘Contact’ option.

Step 4: Tap on ‘Shop.’ In some cases, it will appear ‘Book’ on your profile.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Delete’ button, and that’s it!

Advantages of Removing Instagram Shop Button

There are several advantages to removing the Instagram shop button. For starters, you no longer have to worry about people being able to shop directly from your posts. It ensures that your potential customers won’t be distracted.

One of the main reasons that you would want to remove the Shop Button from Instagram is to ensure that your audience can still find you in searches. You must make sure that your account is easily visible when people search. Otherwise, you run the risk of having less visibility and lower likes and comments overall.

If you don’t find yourself using the Instagram shop button often, then there isn’t any reason for it to be on your profile. It can be distracting, and in the end, it’s usually easier to avoid using it altogether if you don’t see a reason for its existence.

Disadvantages of Having Instagram Shopping Feature

The Instagram shop button gives people the option to buy your products quickly and easily. However, there are several disadvantages to having this feature on your profile, which is why you might want to remove it.

The first reason is that people could go to a web browser and make a purchase instead of using Instagram. This will, in turn, cost you money and isn’t as effective.

Another disadvantage of the shop button is that it can be distracting for your potential customers. This is a common problem when the Instagram shop button isn’t concealed properly. It’s often placed right next to your profile picture, so it’s very visible when you’re scrolling through your feed.

This means that they might end up clicking the shop button instead of seeing how many likes or comments you have, which can impact your reception in a negative way.

Last but not least, there’s the issue of audience perception. When people see the Instagram shop button on your profile, they assume that you want them to buy your products.

However, if you are reaching out to people in an attempt to get more likes or followers, removing the shop button helps you come across as less pushy. Also, it ensures that your audience wants to follow you for other reasons too.

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