How do you make a reel on Instagram

Although at the beginning of launching Instagram Reels, they received a lot of backlash for seemingly copying Tiktok’s concept of videos, it has recently gained back popularity. Especially among content creators, businesses and brand ambassadors, Instagram reels are the perfect tool to promote and engage with their audience.


What is an Instagram Reel?


An Instagram Reel is a content format on Instagram that lets you make videos that can last up to 60 seconds or one minute. You also get many in-app editing tools like stickers, effects, filters, music, etc., to make your content more engaging.


Instagram has a tab on the toolbar, located at the bottom of the screen, to scroll through millions of reels that people post daily. When you post reels in your account, they are also saved in your profile grid, or you can even choose to remove them from your profile grid, but they will be there in your reels tab.


What can you do with Instagram reels?


With Instagram Reel, you can make use of many creative editing tools such as alignment of multi clips, control the speed of the video, add cool AR effects and filters, etc.


Your reels can help you gain online visibility better than your feed posts. This is because your reels can be posted to the reels explore page exclusively. You can even share your reels in your stories.


You can make use of music or add your own voiceover and get creative with the audio on your reels. If you use your original audio, other Instagram users can use your audio to create similar or more reels.


How do you make a reel on InstagramHow do you make a reel on Instagram?

  1. Launch Instagram on your mobile phone
  2. Log into your Instagram account.
  3. From your homepage, swipe to the right to access the camera. Or you can tap on your profile picture that is located at the top left-hand side of the screen.
  4. On the camera screen, you can choose what type of story you want to create. At the bottom of the screen, below the camera shutter, you will find a few options such as Live, Photo, Create, and etc., swipe till you find Reels in the options.
  5. Now, you can start recording your reel footage. Press the shutter to start recording and press again to stop recording. You can also press and hold to get more control over the shooting. Lifting your finger from the button will stop recording.
  6. If you want to upload footage that is already in your camera roll, you can tap on the upload option located at the bottom left of the screen.
  7. You can also choose to create a reel in single footage, or you can make cool transitions by changing your location or your video footage in a series.
  8. The seeker at the top of the screen shows how much more footage you can record. Once this is done, you can preview your video or edit the footage by taping on the edit button or the preview button located on either side of the camera shutter.
  9. If you are happy with the way the video came out, you can proceed by clicking on Done at the top right-hand side of the screen.
  10. This will take you to the posting section, where you can add a caption, tags, and hashtags for your reel. You can even choose a thumbnail for your video.
  11. Once you are happy with the entire content, click on Post and your reel will be posted to your profile and even on the reels explore page.


How do I spice up my reels?

From the previous steps, you have seen how to upload s simple reel. Here is how you can jazz up your reels for even more engaging content:


  1. After you enter the reels camera, you can check out the left-hand side of the screen for options like adding audio, changing the speed of the video, adding filters and effects, etc.
  2. If you are uploading a video from your camera roll, you can use the effects on the top of the page by clicking on the sparkle icon. You can also add audio by clicking on the music icon.
  3. There is also an option for you to choose how long you want your video to be on the left-hand side of the screen. You have three options- 15, 30, or 60 seconds.
  4. Once you press the camera shutter to start recording, it will automatically stop recording when it reaches 60 seconds if you have chosen to take a 60-second reel.


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