Going viral on Instagram isn’t as easy as it seems. There are times when the most random posts, videos, and trends go viral, and then there are times when you spend hours editing a video and it doesn’t do well. There are some easy ways to make your Instagram photos viral but you need to know about them in detail.

Since people do share content on Instagram with the intent to go viral, it isn’t surprising that the majority of the audience is looking for effective ways that can elevate their presence on the platform.

This post will guide you through the easiest and most gradual ways that can make your Instagram photos viral.

Understand your target audience

easy ways to make your Instagram photos viral

If you want your Instagram photos to go viral, it goes without saying that you need a niche-specific account. When you are posting randomly with no intent, you wouldn’t know who your target audience is.

And, not knowing your target audience makes it difficult for your posts to get the boost and outreach it needs to become a viral photo. Understand what kind of people you are trying to reach and then create your content accordingly.

Be unique

Sometimes, the same-old and emulated content goes viral. However, creativity and uniqueness are what attract the audience’s attention the most. So, if you are trying to create posts that go viral frequently, you need to create a unique branding.

Include your creativity into your posts, into your account, and the overall branding of your account too. Once Instagram notices how well people are interacting and engaging with your content, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to create viral posts any longer.

Engage with your followers

The audience is consistently looking to follow content that is relatable and worth their time. If you aren’t following the same, chances are that the same will affect your user experience gravely. Instagram is a social networking platform, so it is a given that you need to abide by the same and engage with the audience as much as possible.

One of the easy ways to make your Instagram photos viral is by getting more and more involved in the comment section. Reply to the commentators, engage with their likes and dislikes, take their opinions into account, and work on them in the future.

Look what your competitors are doing

It is a common misconception that you shouldn’t keep up with your competitors. That isn’t an ideal thought. Instead, when you are on Instagram, you need to keep up with your competitors. Check what kind of posts of theirs is going viral. Take inspiration from such posts, and see what it is that they doing differently.

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing some ideas from your competitors. If required, give them the credit for the idea. The more you follow what the other successful accounts are doing and put your twist on the process, there’s nothing that will stop you from going viral.

Look into the analytics

easy ways to make your Instagram photos viral

If you have a public or business account, Instagram provides you with detailed analytics about the posts you are making. So, if you want to know which posts are doing the best and which posts need a little bit more work, you need to leverage these analytics.

You can keep up with the audience’s demographics, what kind of posts the audience is engaging the most with, how much outreach you got with a post, and so on. Also, it gives you an idea about the time your followers are the most active so you can post your content accordingly.

Conduct a contest or giveaway

People love free stuff, especially when it includes expensive or attractive items. If you want to know about the easy ways to make your Instagram photos viral, this is one of the few you should know about.

Running a giveaway also allows you to gain more followers and engagement that you can leverage to better your account’s outreach and credibility. Ensure that your giveaway includes items that are relevant to the account’s audience. This will further bring in more of your target audience to your account.

Focus on the quality of the photos

Since Instagram is a multimedia-based social media, the quality of the content that you post matters. While it is true that video content is raging and at an all-time high, you also need to realize that photos bring 36% better engagement on Instagram compared to videos. Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it?

When posting a photo on Instagram, you need to prioritize the quality and resolution of the photos you are uploading. This is an absolute must, especially when you want the said posts to go viral and bring you the influx of followers that you have been waiting for.

Also, while we are on the topic of the quality of the images, make sure that the images are on-brand with your account’s theme and look. This matters a lot in the long scale of events.

Going viral on Instagram is a matter of hit or miss. However, if you want to make a conscious effort to make that a possibility, we’d recommend that you take your time in the process. Focus on creating content that resonates with your audience. It is the bare minimum but can bring you sustained growth and popularity on the platform compared to your competitors.

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