Instagram is one of the most well-known social media platforms which allow users to use two accounts at once. The fact makes it more expressive that you can now access Instagram Live on both mobile and Windows 10 PC. You might be willing to know more about fixing the “sorry, something went wrong” error on IG.

However, there can be times when the app doesn’t work properly, as you can’t use it normally. Users state that they end up in a crashed app or not being able to load the posts. Also, from what was found, issues may appear when you send DMs to all your friends.

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Instagram is a platform for which you can buy Instagram followers. It functions very well and smoothly but just like all other social media platforms, this one also has glitches sometimes and there can be endless reasons for this glitch to occur. To know about the reasons why you can find such errors and everything else, read this post till the end as it will tell you all that you should know about such kinds of errors that might occur frequently on your Instagram account.

fixing Sorry, something went wrong error on IG

When you try connecting you will receive a message on Instagram stating that something went wrong. This may lead the platform to stop or crash and you’ll be prevented from posting anything on Instagram and it can be irritating. Some of the best options are selected and discussed here and you can use these methods to solve this issue very quickly. Ensure that you continue reading this post till the end. However, at first, you must know some of the common reasons why you see this error.

Why does this error appear?

There are two most important reasons why Instagram bugs may appear. It can be so that the platform is down or there is some issue with your internet connectivity. Before you assume that there are glitches on Instagram, you must check if the app is not working or not.

You should also remember that it faces some issues internationally, and other times, you can only see this problem in a few regions. However, the glitches on an account are the most common reasons which can explain why this error appears on IG.

The most common reasons why these errors appear can be due to the presence of bugs in your account. These errors are not easy to fix only because their reason is unknown. You can only fix this error rightly if you know the exact reason. If you are unaware of the reason, you might not be able to fix it rightly. So, you need to know how to fix such errors.

How to fix the Sorry, something went wrong error?

There are a few steps you need to follow to fix the Sorry; something went wrong error on Instagram:

  1. Ensure that you can avail the Instagram server
  2. Sign in through Facebook
  3. Make use of the windows 10 version of the Instagram app
  4. Disable your account temporarily
  5. Contact the Instagram help centre
  6. Uninstall the Instagram app and reinstall it.

There are many other problems on Instagram because of which you can see this error. Something went wrong error is just an example. You can also come across many other issues. Here is a list of other issues you’ll face:

  • Facebook permission issues: If you delete your Instagram from your Facebook account accidentally, you won’t be able to post from one account to the other.
  • Story problems: If Instagram crashes, you’ll not be able to load all stories. For these times when Instagram seems stuck, you can use some very effective solutions.
  • Posting issues: These errors can randomly occur or because of some updates. You won’t be able to load posts, upload or see them.
  • Comment issues: You can notice sometimes that the application doesn’t allow you to comment on particular posts or even tag several users in that same post. You must note that you won’t be allowed to drop a comment that has over 5 username tags, mentions and posted several times.
  • Action Blocked message: As mentioned already, the app mostly restricts the users from any kind of suspicious activity or behavior. If you ever think that your Instagram account was blocked, try again after some time and don’t hesitate to take the action.
  • Not following any more people on Instagram error: This error may appear when you try to follow many accounts at once. You must remember that Instagram will restrict this number. If you try to get in touch rapidly with a lot of people, you may be temporarily banned for such behavior.

fixing Sorry, something went wrong error on IG

This was all about fixing the “Sorry, Something Went Wrong” error on IG. You can follow all the above-mentioned methods and steps to fix this error on your Instagram account. You can find this error in many other aspects while using the Instagram app. There can be many reasons for you to see this error on Instagram and some of the most common reasons are mentioned in this post above.


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