Growing an account from zero on Instagram can be a tough nut to crack. Not only do you have to be vigilant of what your competitors are doing, but you also have to be mindful of the content you are sharing. When you want to post funny and inspirational quotes on Instagram, you need to be sure of the content.

funny and inspirational quotes

There are often when individuals dive headfirst into doing them, only to end up not posting at a stretch. That’s the last thing you want to indulge in. Ideally, you want to ensure that you have enough content in your inventory before you go about and start the account. You can share content and still not get many followers so you can buy Instagram followers.

This post will highlight all the pointers you need to keep in mind when starting an account dedicated to funny and inspirational content on the social media platform.

  • Do a basic research

Instagram has millions of accounts on its platform. Given that the platform has become a lucrative source of income, it isn’t surprising that more and more people are now tapping into its full potential by creating a new account. However, that’s where the trick is.

Most of the users jump headfirst into the platform without realizing the intensity of the work that goes behind it. When you want to start an account that posts funny and inspirational quotes for Instagram, you have to do your research right. Check if there’s saturation yet or not.

  • Focus on creative content

When you start a quotes account on Instagram, be assured that you aren’t the only person doing that. There are already hundreds, if not thousands of accounts that are doing the same thing as you are.

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So, what will make you stand out from the crowd? Your content. Instead of rehashing and reposting copied content from other sources on the internet, you need to give it your twist. Start by creating unique content, graphics, and quality of content that attracts more of your target audience.

  • Be consistent

When you are starting with an Instagram account from scratch, you want to bring in a group of audiences that sticks. There’s no point investing your time, money, and even efforts into doing something if you can’t bring in a good chunk of the audience, especially an audience that follows your account.

The best way to keep them around would be to focus on being consistent with your account’s posts. When you are posting funny and inspirational quotes for Instagram, you need to ensure that you keep your inventory strong. Having 10-20 posts in the inventory ensures that you have a stock to post from even when you don’t feel like creating content.

  • Engage with your audience

People like being tended to. Even on Instagram, you have better chances of retaining your recurring audience if you spare some time out of the day to reply to them. This boosts the engagement on your posts and makes your account more visible on Instagram. The social media platform’s algorithm is also likely going to favor you more in that case.

When you reach back to your audience, they are more likely going to get recommendations for your content if they don’t follow you. This creates a better hook and allows you to get your audience back on track

  • Diversify your content

Posting funny and inspirational quotes for Instagram is not as easy as you think. In a world where people are now leveraging reels and videos to promote their content, sticking with text-based feed posts with quotes will not take your account very far.

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Instead, you need to diversify your content. You can create your staple feed posts with the quotes written in a graphical background. However, you also have to ensure that you post videos and reels that have the potential to blow up your account.

  • Cross-promote 

As we said, you aren’t the only Instagram account that posts funny and inspirational quotes. There are hundreds of quote-based accounts and while there’s an underlying sense of competition there, you can also make the most out of it when you consider collaborating.

When you collaborate with accounts in a similar niche, you are attracting a good host of each other’s audience who might be interested in following your account too. So, not only are you exchanging your audience, but you are also prompting for better visibility of your account, which is a bonus too.

  • Be patient

Starting on Instagram from scratch is a very tedious task. Growing an account organically without sponsored posts and such is a very hard way to keep a check on the growth. So, even when you consistently post for months and don’t see any results, you likely have to tweak your strategies and try something else.

Sometimes, you can also try out new features that could skyrocket your account’s visibility to the peak. These are easy to say but we’d highly recommend that you stay patient throughout these testing times to see notable results in the end.

funny and inspirational quotes

If you are considering posting funny and inspirational quotes for Instagram, we hope this post gives you insights on how to start from scratch. Instead of thinking about the competition on the platform, focus on how amazing the posts can be. Focus on ways you can expand and improve your content instead of worrying about the growth factors in the end.

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