reposting IG videos

Instagram loves to share your personal stories through pictures and videos. Just like you love viewing posts of other users through the feeds and stories, the same can be said for your followers. You can see how most  social media platforms are bombarded with tons of content . But one great thing about Instagram would be how it allows you to view a single post at a time.

It features a clean and simple interface that makes it easy for the users to enjoy entertaining videos and great photography. As a user, when you come across these posts, you would want to  repost them for your followers  to see as well. There are millions of people reposting different content every single day. Also, through these reposts, you also get  to obtain more followers  and likes, which is a plus point.

Significance of reposting videos

We are sure that you must have thought about how to repost on Instagram video before. The key reason for reposting videos is for  bringing ROI and engagement . Most people aren’t aware of this, but reposting videos tends to receive a lot of engagement. Here, the more you are using and reusing the exact assets without having to saturate your viewers, you will garner a better return on the investment, which is  what every ambitious user wants . But here are three important things that you need to keep in mind before reposting a video:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to ask the owner’s permission. The T&C Instagram also identifies this common courtesy.
  • You also need to give full credit to the owner of the video. Don’t try to repost like it’s your own video. It is illegal, and you will get in trouble.
  • Lastly, you need to avoid editing the video and repost like it’s yours. You need to repost the video in its original form.

The Methods To Repost Videos

steps to repost IG video posts

We will be listing some of the methods for reposting your videos. They include:

Reposting a Tagged Story –  The “Stories” feature in Instagram is a fruitful tool for many marketers. Reposting a video on your story is very easy and quick. If someone has tagged you on their story, you will receive a link. You can use the same link for reposting that video on your story for others to see. Here, the sender will be notified. So, don’t fret about rights and permission here.

When someone mentions you in a story, you will receive a notification in your DM, where all your private messages are. The notification will contain a link that directly allows you to repost that specific content on your story. Tap on the “Add This to Your Story” link. Here, you can also edit the repost before publishing it. You can add stickers, resize, add texts etc. You can tag them back again.

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Repost for Instagram –  Repost for Instagram is an application that enables its users to repost content easily. This app is supported for both Android and iOS platforms, which is a plus point.

  • Once you download and install the app, you need to enter your credentials.
  • When you find the video that you want to repost, press the menu with the three dots and copy the “Share URL.”
  • After that, you need to open “Repost” for the Insta app and adjust the application’s watermark position.
  • From there, you can share that video right back to your Instagram using your account.

DownloadGram –  This free app downloads the video and enables you to repost it on not just Instagram but YouTube and  top platforms such as TikTok .

  • First, you need to locate the video that you want to repost on Instagram.
  • Start copying its complete URL. You can find it by tapping on the post’s camcorder icon.
  • You can copy the URL via your web browser on your PC, or if you are doing it through your phone, then you need to tap on the “Copy Link” option present on the menu with the expanded ellipsis.
  • Now, you need to take the copied link and proceed to paste it in the DownloadGram’s field. Here, you can instantly download the clip in MP4 format.
  • And if you are doing it through the mobile app, then you can easily save the downloaded file to your gallery or camera roll.
  • If you have downloaded it using your desktop, then transfer the video to your phone.
  • From there, you can repost it to your feed.
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Repostly – This application is also very useful for reposting videos on Instagram, and it is free on iOS.

  • Start by copying the “Share URL” of the video.
  • Proceed in pasting the URL in the application.
  • Now, you need to press the “Repost to Instagram” option.

Unlike other reposting apps, one drawback about this app would be the non-removable watermark. You also can’t customize the watermark’s position. The watermark will be present in the left corner at the bottom.

Regram –  The Regram tool is completely free on Android. It easily enables the users to repost pictures and videos on your feed. Here, the app tends to watermark the video automatically with the username of the original uploader. It does so to offer proper credit. Plus, this application also includes the original caption. Here, the users can easily add their own commentary too.