What is the Instagram story?

how long do instagram stories last

Instagram is a platform where people refresh their minds by posting and watching each other’s stories. Instagram has introduced this wonderful feature to exhilarate our feelings, here you can share your happy moments or about how your day was. You can share unlimited stories in a day. You can share songs, and pictures of yourself, your friends, and your pets in easy words, and you can share everything in a story. It is a temporary thing but we can share multiple pictures and videos. They are shown in slideshow form, one by one all your pictures or videos will be shown to the users. This article contains all the information about how long Instagram stories last.

Instagram is now also used for promotion and advertising products as radio and newspapers are out of fashion and rarely do teenagers read, you can start your campaign to advertise products to great extent.

Who can watch your Instagram stories

This thing depends on the type of account you use

We have 2 kinds of options that are private and public

  • Private account – It is a type of account where your feed and stories will only be available to your followers.
  • Public account – It is a type of account where everyone can see your post and stories.

So it must be clear from the above paragraph that if you have a private account, only your followers will be able to see your shared story but in the case of a public account, anyone can see your story even if he or she does not follow you

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how long do instagram stories last

 For example, I want to see a Deepika Padukone story and I don’t follow her so I will search for her name if she has a private account. I can’t see her stories but if she has a public account I can see her stories without facing any problem, but it’s just an illustration.

More followers mean more likes and more views on your stories and posts. Everyone wants to see a high number of followers on their profile.

Importance of stories on Instagram

It is very important as you and your friends are connected with other stories, they can reply to your stories and then the conversation will start. You can show off your food and clothes in a friendly way. Even nowadays people wish for birthdays, and anniversaries by putting stories on Instagram. This technique helps us a lot to remember the special dates of the person.

how long do instagram stories last

Features of stories

There are many features of Instagram stories that you can add a song to it and even you can mention the singer and he will come to know about your tag, you can mention any person that has an account on Instagram, and from there people can get his Instagram account. If someone mentioned you in a story as he wished you on your birthday by mentioning your picture and Instagram account you can even mention him back which is known as mentioning.

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How long do Instagram stories last?

It is the question that comes to the mind of many people. They have a doubt or question in their mind about how many days or how many hours will this story be seen by people.

how long do instagram stories last

The story will be visible for only 24 hours. That is only for one day whether you have a public account or private account, this does not matter. Your stories will only be valid for 24 hours whether it is a birthday wish story or song or video. Your followers and friends will only be able to see your stories for 1 day.

You can make your story look longer

Do you want to make your story feed longer than 24 hours? I have a solution for you guys that is you can simply make the highlight of that story. When you post a story you are provided an option that is ‘add to highlights’ you have to touch this option and your story feed will be seen for as much time as you want. You can even do this by opening the archive, where all your stories are kept. Here also you will get 3 dots and you have to touch the highlight option and your story feed will be on highlights.

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how long do instagram stories last4 How Long Do Instagram Stories Last?


The simplified conclusion is that you can add stories on Instagram for different purposes like appreciating someone or wishing someone a happy birthday or giving tribute to someone. There can be a thousand purposes for stories, but the main point here is that you can keep your stories only for 24 hours on your account. Followers will only be able to see your story for only 24 hours, that is one day whether you have a public or private account. It does payroll here but you can make your story content visible for as much time as you want by creating a highlight of it. You can create a highlight of your story by clicking on the highlight option provided in 3 dots of your story or by opening the archive option there also you will get 3 dots and you can touch the highlight option and it’s done.

Many people use Instagram, and many of them want to keep their profile updated, precise and professional to attract healthy attraction.