Have you ever felt that you should be able to upload longer videos on Instagram? If yes, then we might be able to help you here. There are several ways how long Instagram videos can be uploaded. What we have done in this article is made the job easier for you by enlisting the best and the easiest ways to solve the issue. Here are the 4 easiest ways how you can upload longer Instagram videos.

How Long Instagram Videos

How Long Instagram Videos Are Allowed to Upload?

Instagram made its debut in 2010. From the start of its journey, Instagram has enjoyed great popularity among social media enthusiasts. It is further proved by the fact that in 2019, the number of monthly users of Instagram was around 815 million people. It has also been concluded from the above-mentioned data that by the year 2021, the number of people accessing Instagram will increase to 1.2 billion per month. Many social media influencers have chosen Instagram to communicate with other people and some websites help you out with this. Also, renowned companies use Instagram for their ad campaigns, as of now. If you need more followers you can buy them online.

On the other hand, has lived up to the expectations of its users updating the features on an almost daily basis. They have added new features like short videos, reels, filters, and whatnot. They try to fix any bugs as soon as informed. But, there are pros and cons to everything. Instagram is not an exception as it has its limitations too.

  • Live videos and IGTV videos are the only options if you want to put up longer videos as they can be of 60 minutes.
  • The newly added feature that is Instagram reels can have a maximum length of 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Stories on Instagram are strictly limited to up to 15 seconds.
  • Videos posted in the Instagram feed have a minimum duration of 3 seconds and a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

 So you have to bend over backward to post longer videos on Instagram, and that’s what we are going to help you through in this article.

How to upload longer videos?

How Long Instagram Videos


Option 1:  Probably the most forthright and easiest way to solve this problem is to upload the video after dividing it into shorter clips. For example, if you want to upload a 2-minute long video to your feed, unfortunately, Instagram won’t allow it.

  • The cool thing you can do is cut the 2-minute long video into shorter clips each length of 30 seconds.
  • So now you have four video clips every 30 seconds. In the next step, you will have to upload them separately one after another.
  • If you want to upload them to your Instagram story, you have to split them into eight parts as an Instagram story allows only 15 seconds long video clips. After splitting the longer video into eight smaller clips you can upload them one by one to your stories keeping the order intact.
  • Posting the video in your feed is easier. The Instagram feed allows uploading videos shorter than 60 seconds. So you can upload 4 clips each of length of 30 seconds in one post. The best part is Instagram allows 10 videos for each post.

Option 2:  Feeling a little bit dizzy with all these complex methods and regulations you have to keep in mind while posting longer videos. Here is another way how long Instagram videos can be uploaded without much effort from your side. If you are a social media influencer trying to post a longer video without any huffs and puffs you can easily follow this second option. Now you can even buy likes for your videos virtually.

  • Continual (iPhone users)

If you are an iPhone user you might want to use this app named continual. What it does is do the trimming and editing job for you barring you from a lot of stress and hard work (yeah, sometimes Instagram can be stressful too!). Let me inform you, that the application is not available free of cost. But, keeping in consideration the wonderful job it does for you, you can certainly give it a thought.

  • StorySplitter (iPhone users)

Are you looking for something affordable? Then StorySplitter is the best option for you. It costs less than Continual but does a near-perfect job with your long videos. If you are into value-for-money products this may work wonders for you.

  • Story Cutter (Android users)

Similarly, for iPhone users, there are multiple applications for android users too. They help you out with splitting the stories into smaller clips and editing them perfectly. You can also add effects with some of the editing apps. One of the best applications for android users is Story Cutter. It is the android version of StorySplitter except that it is free of cost. You can also use it for other social media platforms for uploading videos.

Option 3:  If you are a social media influencer you may not want to cut your speeches into several short videos as it diminishes the power of your speech. As suggested by different websites which help you in becoming a social media influencer, you can simply go live on Instagram. It can help you reach your followers much more besides not affecting your influential discourses.

Option 4:  If you want to use Instagram as an advertising platform you can upload your videos on IGTV. It takes a bit of time to upload to IGTV, but it is a better choice for advertisement videos as it procures more engagement with the target audience and also increases the reach.

Finally, you can add tons of effects to your videos and even make short clipping very interesting and engaging. What you need to do is take a deep breath and tap on your Instagram!

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