Now Instagram is used for one more purpose which is for advertisement, here you can share your product like normal posts. People generally prefer this mode of advertisement because of the popularity of Instagram. Advertising on Instagram is not free, you need to pay and know how much Instagram ads cost, and accordingly, you can advertise your products.

how much do instagram ads cost

Nowadays people generally advertise through Instagram and people want to target the highest number of audiences.

What is an Instagram ad?

In simple words Instagram ads are generally posted with some modifications like they add a link, the price of the product and the post gives a detailed idea of ​​the product. At the top, it is written as a sponsored product. This product is linked with a business purpose.

how much do instagram ads cost

We all know the importance of followers and likes. More numbers of followers mean your followers will be seen by more customers.

For customers of an Instagram ad. You can see the difference between a normal post and an ad. You can see sponsors written on the top, you will be provided with the details about the product like price, materials used and in this ad, they also have mentioned the facility of their app like fast delivery, easy returns, etc. You even have an option to shop from here only you just have to tap the “shop now” button you will be in the app and from there you can shop easily.

How to sponsor an ad on Instagram?

 If you want to add your ad on Instagram you have to follow some easy steps.

  • Step 1- you have to go to the ads manager – You have to do it through Facebook because Instagram does not have its own.
  • Step 2- set your marketing objective –

I will explain all these in brief –

Brand awareness – this will show your ad as much as it can to the interested people, this will help you to meet up with new followers and customers.

Reach -this will help by showing ads as much as it can, basically it shows how many have watched your ads.

 Traffic – if you want to send more and more people to install your app,

Engagement – engagements mean likes, comments, and shares, and for doing this you need to pay more amount to Instagram.

App installs – if you want people to install your app .you have to select this option will create your ad.

Video view-this is an important feature to invest in, this is a must to select in.

  • Step 3- Target your audience

You have to target your audience if you want to focus on teenagers or ages or a specific location, country, the city you have to mention this will make your ad.

  • Step 4 – choose the placements

If you want your ad only to show on Instagram you have to click on this option otherwise it will be seen on both Instagram and Facebook.

  • Step 5 – set your budget schedule

You have to set a schedule of how much you want to invest, according to that only your ad cost will be confirmed.

  • Step 6 – Format of ad

This is the last and most important step in the construction of your ad. Here you will decide the appearance of your ad. They are of different types. I will list some types below

  1. image feed
  2. image story
  3. video story
  4. video feed

These are some kinds you have to choose according to your desire.

Influencers can advertise anything more easily as they have many followers who provide them reviews and buy from their suggestions.

how much do instagram ads cost

Big influencers, and businessmen use social media management. In this, they plan what to post, and where to post to expand the business rapidly.

Benefits of Instagram ads

It provides benefits to both the seller as well as to the customer.

From a customer view- It provides benefits as you don’t have to search on different- different apps. It’s easily available through Instagram there only you will get the option of buy now and all. So in simple words, it saves your time and effort.

From a seller’s view – As our whole generation spends their time mostly on this social site that is Instagram that is why it will increase the sale, more and more people will connect to their site thus it benefits them and that is the reason many investors are investing on Instagram ads.

As the number of likes increases, the reach of your product also increases. We want to increase more likes in our posts.

How much Instagram story cost?

It is not fixed; it depends upon the requirements of your ad. It depends upon per click. It ranges from (36.39 to 146.75), which is the average rate. They use a short form for payment that is CPC which means cost per click.


To sum up, everything this could be stated as you can surely invest in advertising through Instagram. It has different types like image story, image post, video story, etc. you can start your ad by following some small steps which are explained above clearly. The cost of advertising on Instagram ranges from(36.39 to 146.79). If you want to advertise you can go for Instagram ads.

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