If you are a brand trying to market your products and services on Instagram, you would know the importance of a sponsored post. If done the right way, influencer marketing has the potential to amplify your brand’s growth and sales. But, how much do Instagram sponsored posts to cost?

As a new brand with no preconceived notion about sponsored posts, we’d recommend that you take some time out of the day to do your research. Randomly approaching influencers with your product pitch will not take you far.

how much do Instagram sponsored posts cost

This post will highlight everything you need to know about Instagram sponsored posts cost and how you can find the best influencers for the same. This way, both parties can get likes and followers. If this doesn’t work, you can also buy Instagram followers.

How much do Instagram Sponsored Posts cost?

There’s no definite answer to it.

It depends on the kind of following the account of the influencer has. Also, it depends on your budget.

Ideally, there are big influencers who charge millions and then there are smaller creators and micro-influencers who charge a lot less.

The only way to ascertain the sponsored posts’ cost is by checking your budget and also keeping up with the market trends. We’d recommend that you set your budget first.

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Remember that the availability of influencers on Instagram is abundant. So, even if one influencer doesn’t fit into your budget, you can reach out to someone else.

If we had to give you a standard budget, we’d say that an average cost for an Instagram Sponsored post can start from $200-$500.

How to find the best influencers for Instagram Sponsored Posts?

Now that you have a basic idea of how much Instagram-sponsored posts cost, you must find the influencers who can help you market your posts. The process isn’t as complicated, given that influencer marketing is at its peak right now.

So, when choosing an influencer to approach, there are a few important factors you need to consider:

  1. Do your basic research

When you want to tap into the realm of influencer marketing, the first step is to do proper market research. This is where most of the brands fall through. If you don’t assess the market, it will become impossible for you to know who to reach and what kind of trends are going on.

During the research, check which influencers are promoting your competitor’s brands. Also, you need to research the standard costs that go into influencer marketing campaigns. Having a basic idea about these can make it easier for you to plan your next move.

  1. Make a list of potential influencers

Once you are done researching, you need to narrow down all the top influencers that promote the niche of the product that you sell. There’s no point in reaching out to a tech influencer to promote a beauty product. Their audience is primarily going to engage with tech products only. So, narrowing down the list of influencers is very important.

Try to look around and make a list of diverse influencers so you can reach out to a variety of audiences. There’s no point just spending on the bigger influencers. Micro-influencers are just as good and can bring you promising sales. How much do Instagram sponsor posts cost?

  1. Have a pitch ready

When you are starting an influencer marketing campaign for your product, you need to maintain a professional form of communication. This involves being hands-on with the emails, pitch, and even the budget that you can spare for the process.

You need to treat your influencers like potential clients, so having a formal pitch and mode of communication authenticates your place as a brand. We’d recommend avoiding direct messaging, especially because they get jumbled up with all the other messages and will get unnoticed. Email communication is the best option.

  1. Discuss the budget

Once you have an influencer more or less on board with your pitch, the next thing you need to do is focus on the budget. An influencer will have their charge sheet that their managers or their management company will forward through. If it suits your budget, you can go ahead with the deal.

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However, if you don’t have the budget, we’d recommend negotiating and seeing if the influencer is willing to go ahead and collaborate. If not, you’d have to move ahead with another influencer from your list. How much do Instagram sponsor posts cost?

  1. Stick to your niche

Lastly, when it comes to Instagram sponsored posts, as a brand, you want to reach your target audience. This means that if you are reaching out to an influencer with a prospect of collaboration; reach out to the individuals who are in the niche you are targeting.

There’s no point collaborating with an off-brand influencer just because you want to spend less money on the collaboration. It’s okay to go out of your budget if you think that the collaboration will yield good returns and sales from the influencer. However, never go off-brand and reach out to an influencer who isn’t niche-specific to your brand.

how much do Instagram sponsored posts cost

If you were inquisitive about how much Instagram-sponsored posts cost, we hope this post gives you a rough idea. Remember that influencer marketing and the numbers surrounding it are very subjective. This means that no “standard” cost per post is set by Instagram. Every influencer has their subjective charges, which will likely increase depending on how much engagement they garner per post. So, do your research accordingly.