Instagram does not provide in-app user statistics, so there is no way to tell for certain. However, there are certainly apparent, underlying tendencies in how we use the app that might provide us with vital insight into why so many of us are suffering from this decline.

Is Instagram causing you to lose followers?

Before we go into How Not to Lose Followers on Instagram, it’s important to note that it’s extremely improbable that Instagram changed something inside the program to cause accounts to lose followers. In other words, Instagram is not torturing you.

How Not to Lose Followers on Instagram

Many of us, whether consciously or unconsciously, believe that the reason we’re losing followers is due to a malfunction or “flag” that Instagram has put on our account. We believe this is what is causing our content or account to be inaccessible to certain of our users.

The fact is that Instagram has no motivation to purposely modify something in the program that causes users to lose followers. They are a platform for advertising. They make money by encouraging you to use Instagram more frequently so that they can sell your attention to marketers. Gaining more followers and feeling good about your account increases our likelihood of using Instagram now and in the future.

Now, if Instagram is not to blame, what is? Let’s take a look at some such factors and also How Not to Lose Followers on Instagram.

Why is it now more difficult to get and keep your followers?

Instagram was founded over a decade ago. It was fascinating at first to discover and follow fresh and intriguing accounts. It was good to discover fresh information and voices.

After a decade of using this app, and seeing so much stuff, it’s far less usual to stumble across profiles or content that you want to follow.

As a result, many of us are following new accounts at a far slower rate than we did when we were new to the app. As a result, everyone receives fewer new followers. But if you are really bothered with this, you can buy Instagram followers.

Another unintended consequence of Instagram’s extended existence is that, after using the app for several years, most people’s choices for what material they want to see have shifted. As a result, more people are unfollowing accounts they’ve been following for a long. As a result, we are losing followers at a quicker rate than ever before.

Because of the financial possibilities, many more people are now attempting to be paid as content producers on Instagram. This implies that there are many more talented people fighting for the attention of your audience. Unless you offer original material, you are likely to lose followers to accounts that create stuff that is similar to yours but better.

What can you do to keep your followers?

There are a million more little factors that have contributed to this broad loss of followers, but none are likely to be as powerful as the three primary user patterns mentioned above. What can you do now that you know what they are? How Not to Lose Followers on Instagram?

Master all of the Best Instagram Growth Strategies

Although there is not much you can do about Instagram followers no longer being that excited about the little things, a crackdown on bots, and changes in user activity, there is still stuff you can do to create an audience on Instagram. First, ensure that you are adhering to all Instagram guiding principles. How Not to Lose Followers on Instagram.

Determine how many posts you should make every day to optimize your reach. Improve your Instagram hashtag strategy to increase your reach. Increase the number of likes, comments, and direct messages you send every day. Begin or improve a technique for obtaining as many photo tags as possible from as many accounts as feasible. Launch low-cost Instagram advertisements. Make changes to your bio to make it clear and concise. How Not to Lose Followers on Instagram.

Make your grid look distinct and unique. Improve your content to increase engagement.

  • Becoming the best in your niche

If you are the finest content producer in your niche, you have the best chance of getting picked to be followed above all others in your area. In other words, the better your material, the less probable it is that someone would unfollow you and follow someone who creates similar stuff.

Creating world-class, meaningful content is quite difficult. It’s simple to state that you want to be the “best” content generator in your field, but it’s tough to achieve. There is also no one-size-fits-all solution because each niche and audience is unique.

The simplest approach to get started on the path to better content is to systematically increase your engagement. How Not to Lose Followers on Instagram.

  • Eliminating competition 

Another way to address the reality that Instagram will remain very competitive is to shift your content to an untapped area. In other words, generate content on a topic about which few others are providing material. Alternatively, frame your issue in a genuine one-of-a-kind approach.

The idea here is to avoid competing with other content developers entirely. Do you have a unique point of view that others don’t? That’s a terrific place to start. The fewer individuals who can readily reproduce what you do, the less likely it is that your audience will discover someone else who does what you do.

  • Adjusting your expectations

Believing that Instagram will return to its former glory and that you will suddenly begin to develop is a futile exercise. For the sake of our collective mental sanity, we must embrace these changes and recognize that Instagram is no longer what it once was. We won’t be able to develop as quickly as we used to. Let’s stop anticipating it since, for the most part, there’s nothing you can do.

How Not to Lose Followers on Instagram

Be kind to yourself and adjust your expectations about how quickly your Instagram will expand. It’ll be OK at the end of the day. You were happy before Instagram, and you’ll be happy once it’s gone.

That’s all! These are the reasons why you’re losing followers, as well as the solutions. Don’t worry about it; just go to work! Understand that you can’t change Instagram or the people that use it, but there is a lot you can do to enhance your account.

Execute the fundamentals well and develop your content to stand out in your area. Alternatively, consider shifting your material to a different, less crowded niche. It’s not easy, but that’s why it’ll work in the end.


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